Friday, December 14, 2012

...i wrote this for them.

1 Someone’s child wanted ice cream after school today.
2 Two more had a sleepover planned, and were finally going to convince dad to put the tent up in the den.
3 Another was to spend the weekend with grandma listening to her favorite old stories.
4 Maybe another was promised a trip to the movies, if he’d done well on his math test today.
5 Someone had plans to create

her Christmas wish list this evening.
6 Another was hoping her list was still valid after getting in trouble yesterday.
7 Their birthdays are next week, and they couldn’t wait.
8 Their birthdays were last week, and they were giddy from the fun.
9 He was just getting better at tying his shoes.
10 He loved sitting next to his teacher and watching her write his name.
11 She wanted to help her mom bake cupcakes to bring to school next Friday before winter break.
12 After three months, she was finally getting used to the idea of leaving Mommy and Daddy and coming to school for half the day.
13 In six months, he would’ve gotten skipped to the second grade because he was so bright.
14 In nine months, they would’ve been ready to present their science projects at the competition.
15 Next year, someone would’ve started flag football, or soccer, or ballet, or chess club.
16 In sixth grade, she would’ve been the city wide spelling bee champion.
17 In twelfth grade, he was to be valedictorian with a scholarship to the school of his choice.
18 They were going to be parents remembering their first year in kindergarten as they dropped their child off for her first day at Sandy Hook Elementary….

Rest in Peace, children.
I'm thinking of you, we're all thinking of you. ♥