Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet the family of the 2yr old Freestyle Phenom from Youtube!

Late last week, the impressive video of a baby boy in London only two years old with a brilliant freestyle flow went viral on YouTube. The video, showing little Khaliyl Iloyi flowing his way into the hearts of hip-hop and baby lovers worldwide, was uploaded in late November and will soon have over a million hits!

What I love is that lil Khaliyl is going HARD with his, but I'm sure everyone's question is, WHERE HE GET THAT FLOW FROM????

Apparently, not only was he born with the gift, but his older brother, Kieyen, also has a golden mic in his hand! Here he is at age 3 spittin' a verse that seems like it's fiyah (if only I could understand everything he was saying)!! I know what' s really up though, @1:57 he declares "Nobody can test me now!!" And you know what... I BELIEVE HIM! Although, I kind of want to see Khaliyl and Kieyen battle it out on the playground!!! LOL!

These two lil toddler griots are the products of love from parents Femi Iloyi and Roucheon Iloyi. I haven't been able to find out much about who they are, but it seems they are indie artists/MC and songstress, holding it down on the London scene.

One cut from the mom, Roucheon, called "Midnight Melody" I'm really digging. I think it was produced by her husband, but I'm not entirely sure. It's got a summertime, party time cookout vibe to it! Definitely a headbob, bounce rock skate vibe, indeed!

And lastly, the father of the tiny prodigy MCs is Femi Iloyi! I watched this video of him with the older son highlighting their READING LIST which included Holocaust for Beginners, Africa for Beginners, Black Women for Beginners, The Making of Our President Barack Obama, and The Making of Our First Lady Michelle Obama. They also explain how they love comics and graphic novels: "We're a comic family," Femi says before showing a book called Black People in Comics. "We're comic fanatics, but most of all we love history books." I can dig it!

Femi stresses how important it is to read with your children, and clearly that is the first step to having brilliant lil two and three year old MCs with the illest freestyle worldwide, hands down!

CHEERS to the Iloyi family! I am really, really impressed. And I think the world is as well!!

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Cindy Chevaan said...

"Midnight Melody" has been in heavy rotation all morning. It's rare that I find a tune that I love the first time I hear it. Not to compare her to Marsha Ambrosius, but that's exactly who comes to mind when I hear this song. I've been looking for a song/album that creates the same mood that "Floetry" created with their first album. I can't wait for this CD to drop.