Tuesday, March 01, 2011

heavy heart.

i learned tonight
that another bright, charismatic, talented and enchanting life force has been taken all too soon. and by too soon i mean sooner than what anyone that encountered him would have ever imagined. the kind of person you'd expect to live to be a hundred and five, and have great great grandchildren to whom he gives enchanting tale after tale of all the wonderful things he did in his life and people he knew and helped and challenged and changed and loved. and now people are left broken..

one of which is a friend who loved this person dearly.

and now she's voyaging on a month long trip out side of the country

to honor the wanderlust of the love they shared.

and i pray she recovers

from losing the love of her life
from making the kind of connection you only see in the movies
or read about in the books
or see others with and hope you will experience.

i'm praying for her*
that she rises from the ashes of grief.

you just never understand why these things happen
the way they do.

*because, i know what it FEELS like to nurture a love for a particular individual (who just blows your mind in every way) in hopes that that nurtured love and friendship will turn into a lifelong exercise of connection. And I can't imagine it being gone in an instance by the separation of death. Not right now. Not ever... separation by non-commitment, i can handle. separation by spirit leaving body, *no words*

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