Wednesday, February 02, 2011

So in my brushing up on Cheers trivia..

..I started wondering about the relationship between Carla Tortelli and Eddie LeBec, as I'd kind of forgotten what happened after they got married.

Well, good ole wikipedia came in handy; I was able to not only ready about Carla and Eddie marrying but the whole arc of their relationship which ended with his death in an ice show freak accident. But as every character demise usually has something to do with the actor playing that character, I did a bit more research to find out why, in fact, Eddie LeBec had to die...

So. In a unfortunate twist of foot-in-mouth drama, it seems the actor who played Eddie LeBec, Jay Thomas, had a radio show at the time, and after a few seasons of playing the character one day decided to answer a callers question regarding how he liked working on the show:

"He said something to the effect of 'It’s brutal. I have to kiss Rhea Perlman.' Well, guess who happened to be listening."

This is according to the blogsite of one of the writer/producer/creative executives of the show. In an entry entitled "The Kiss of Death for Eddie LeBec" he goes on to explain that Rhea Perlman was actually listening to the show the very moment Jay Thomas made this unflattering comment. .....botta-b00m-botta-bing, Eddie LeBec has gone on to the big hockey ring in the sky!

How crazy is that!!! I mean, I was so young when the show was airing that there's no way I would've ever known any of that. And apparently it wasn't really common knowledge since it is only documented on this blog. I love personal accounts of popular culture history...

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