Thursday, February 03, 2011

i'm in the mood for love...

but what else is new?

....and since there is not much love affair taking place, with any particular person of interest anyway, I've decided to be enraptured by the vignettes of amore in the film New York, I Love You, especially since I am in a perpetual unyielding, unflinching love affair with this fair city.

So, since this is the second time I've watched it tonight (lucky for me it's airing on TMC, never mind I have the dvd), and I can't get enough of each couple's arc and dialogue, I decided to see if the script was available online (as I feel like it will benefit me to read it in it's entirety).... and


The transcript of New York, I Love You!

Unfortunately, it's not the full script. There's only dialogue; no character names or stage directions or any of the extra stuff because it's on script-o-rama. Apparently it was painstakingly transcribed by a fellow lover of the movie, so I can't be mad. As soon as I located it I immediately looked up one of the early script sections between a Hasidic diamond buyer woman and an Indian Jain diamond seller. That has been one of the most intriguing of the story lines, though I'm looking forward to reading the one with Robin Wright Penn.

The last movie I loved enough to find the script was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I remember sitting in a temp office a few days after having seen it, and looking up the script online and reading it on the spot. I love that movie.

So.... until another love affair finds me. Or until I get around to deciding what love story I want to write of the characters walking around my head. I'll continue watching these over and over and finding the scripts of the ones I love to immerse myself in.


I'm glad Grey's Anatomy is on tomorrow. They never cease with the sagas of the heart. Not the sappy overly romantic stuff, but that gut wrenching heart on your sleeve this can't be real, but i'm feeling it, for better or for worse on any given day, kind of love.

if you can call it that.

i think about "love" too much.

strangely enough, i don't even think i really really want any parts of it forreal right now. the movie are enough, and the tele shows. one to two hour intervals of matters of the heart may be the best thing for now. because that's the way it is anyway.

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