Monday, February 14, 2011

And on Thursday night... (thank God for the porto-LOO!)

First, on the tube ride to Portobello Road where Mau Mau is located, I was fortunate enough to find a seat in front of two of London's talented little primadonnas, Fanny & Lulu. Though there was adequate seating, they chose to stand and dance about the train, their mother/aunt/authoritative figure doing little to calm down their hyperactivity during the rush hour commute. Swinging themselves around the pole one at a time, it was quite humorous hearing little blond ten year old brits singing, "My milkshake brings Fanny to the yah'd..." while the other chimed in high pitched voice, "MY milkshake brings Lulu to the yah'd...." as they sache'd around in circles.

Meanwhile, on the way back from being out that night....

So one thing that I reallly do not care for is London's tube shutting down at midnight, and even earlier on Sunday.... We learned on Thursday night what problems this poses when we left Mau Mau once the festivities were done and were made to get off the train before reaching our Old Street destination off the Northern Line.

I can't remember which stop we had to get off at, but when we reached the platform we were greeted by a couple of lost Irishmen that were, without a doubt, the life of whatever party they'd just come from! I can't imagine how the conversation between us started! BUT IT DID!

The bald one (to me): "You're not from here, are ya? Are ya Irish?"

Me: "Yeah! I am!! Are you???"

Him: "YES!!!! Ehhh, she's IRISH!!!!"

Hysterical laughter ensues between him and his friend, Julia and myself... all clowning around on the platform, trying to figure out where the exit is, and where we were going next... "So where's the afterparty???" they asked! Meanwhile, we were more concerned with trying to find our way back to Old Street, so unfortunately, the tube station was going to be the extent of our partying with these bloaks! We chit chat and laughed some more, inquiring about what had brought them to London. The one in the hat works for a music distribution company, or something of the sort, and was in town for a conference... The bald one, his WILD friend!

So, after the entertaining Irishmen, we made our way out toward the bus stop where it was freezing cold. We weren't too sure how to reach the flat via bus, but a helpful Canadian was there to give us specific directions on which bus to take, etc. The only problem now was waiting for said bus to arrive. Well, to make matters worse, I was beginning to realize the degree to which I needed to use the LOO! lol... I had to go again even though I went before we left the bar (we were treated to a few tasty drinks over the course of the evening), but Ju was encouraging me to hold it. I thought, "Maybe we should take a taxi.." but the Canadian girl insisted the bus was on its way. And it was. But I had no idea whether or not I was going to be able to hold it. I stood on the bus stop cold and concerned that I would not, in fact, make it!

We finally got on the bus, but I was at the brink of decidedly having an "accident." Now the decision was, was the accident going to happen on the bus, or on the street. Julia tried to divert my attention with amusing gibberjabber, but it wasn't working. I pressed the button to get off and pleaded with the Lord to keep me from urinating on the street, even though EVERY establishment was closed and we had no idea how close to the flat we were.

Walking down about a block or two, I decided THIS was going to be the moment I learn what it is to relieve oneself in public after a night out! What the hey... we're in another country, been out carrying on with good people... IF ever there were time, THIS was it???? Only, the street I turned down to find a place to go had security sitting in a squad car. I walked up to him to ask if there was a restroom anywhere. Of course he said no, so I made haste to the next block...

And WOULDN'T YOU KNOW! An answer to prayer!!!!!

Just one block over was the cleanest, more efficient porto-potty I've ever seen in my life!!! I all but sprinted over to the Simply Loos stall, praying that it was not locked, and pried the door open! To my relief (and surprise), it was open (at around a quarter to 2am) and the cleanliness rivaled toilets in actual establishments (no detectable odor or anything)! There was toilet paper, soap and running water!!! Yes! So I could use the Simply Loos porto-loo in style, and leave it with my good hygiene untainted! (For the most part!)

Man! I was soooooo happy after that I didn't care if we took the next hour and walked home!!! Julia even decided to use it, after which we kind of meandered down the street, found a takeout place still open, and grabbed the next bus to Old Street!!

And THAT, ladies and gents, was our Thursday night in London!!! in a nutshell!

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