Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Brazilians of London

So apparently, no matter where in the world I am, inside or out of the country, I will manage to stay awake until 4, 5 and 6am before eventually drifting off to sleep. What's up with that?

Well, while in the UK, it was more of the same for a couple of reasons, though. They are five hours ahead of NYC and eight ahead of LA, so we just weren't in the frame of mind to sleep during the night hours once we arrived. We'd stayed up most of Wed night and slept til the last minute on Thursday (before getting out to catch a cab to the wrong part of town and missing my university meeting) and then slept until afternoon on Friday before leisurely waking to get ready for our evening out. Since my cousin had the dope CD turntables in the living room, we turned up ATLiens for the hundredth time, raised the shades to the somewhat warehouse style windows in the flat, and enjoyed lounging around on holiday without a care in the world! We decided once and for all to purchase our Eurostar tickets to Paris for Saturday morning, and reached out to the homie, Lion, about Friday night having no idea the good time that was awaiting when we met up with him.

So, apparently a few of Lion's former co-workers were going to be gathering at this Brazilian restaurant called Guanabara for the birthday hang of a friend, and he'd already told us that the afterwork affair would turn into a full out party by 9p, so dress accordingly! For me that meant an off the shoulder pink and black top, black leather skirt, and black & pink tights with flat boots. Even if I would get hot from the tights, I could cool off from the off the shoulder top! Julia, on the other hand, decided that this meant brand new high heel boots that she started complaining about just once block from the apartment! I questioned whether or not she was going to be able to handle them all night, but she insisted that she was good! And they were hot!! But moreso the kind of boots you decide to wear when a date is coming to pick you up, drop you off, and you will only be walking from the car to the booth, and back! Definitely not on public trans, and definitely not to dance all night. BUT she was cute!

We arrived at Guanabara around 7p and it was already in full swing! The spot is designed in the round so that the tables and bars surround the circular dance floor, with a stage completing the circle. It was packed already but we found Lion's party near the stage. In the middle of the dance floor was a conga player jamming with the dj, and this old Brazilian cat dancing so much he was sweating through his clothes! Especially in the crotch and back area! Ewwww!!! Once they finished their entertaining hour, the dancing party began, followed by a live band playing Samba versions of Crazy and I Feel Good! I've NEVER heard anything like that! The mashup of rhythm with popular tunes made the songs brand new for me!!

BUT before the party even got good and started, there was a Carnaval performance by a guy and girl dancer. The guy had sequins all over his outfit, the girl, scantily clad in feathers and g-string! They were both working those hips and heels to the drums, and before I knew it, I was pulled out from the audience to join them in the middle! I actually had been video taping them, which is probably why the guy dancer singled me out, but I was READY!!! Once I was out in the middle, they showed me and another woman what to do, and I went for it!!! Shake it to the right! Shake it to the left! Shake it to the one that you love the best! LOL! Then I ended with a classic ol'school Tina Turner move... just because! THAT was the best! EVER!

I spent a good majority, if not the whole evening dancing with Lion, his boy Alphe, and other folks from the party! Between the caipirinhas (the BEST I've ever had in my life), the food and the good company of new friends, I found myself dancing on the tables by the end of the night!!! Whereas, Juju sat back and enjoyed watching all the excitement from the comfort of the sideline, having all kinds of interesting conversations with crazy Brits, I wore myself out getting my groove on! I actually was a bit tired and decided to lay low from dancing with the pool of guys I had to choose from, but kept my funky two step going. I didn't know where Ju had gone off to, but noticed an attractive guy with dreads off to the side within striking distance, also getting a funky two step on... So I decided to grab him and continue with my partying for the night!

Turns out this cat, J-Bueno (da Silva) from the southern part of Brasil, was the best dancer in the club, and is actually sometimes employed by them to dance during the carnval and capoeira shows. Dancing with him was probably the most fun I had all weekend. I love it when I find a male dancing partner who can show me a thing or two when it comes to moving to the rhythm. I can tell he'd studied, and he was showing me the official samba moves that I could barely do correctly! But dancing hand in hand, it was so enchanting as he spun me around and around! I've got to visit Brasil! And it turns out that not only was he a handsome and talented dancer, but I found out at dinner on Sunday evening (!!!) that he was a really intelligent and learned brotha, so that was cool.

Ju found other forms of adventure that included turning down an Indian businessman that tried to proposition her for the night! Yes.... he actually offered her £7,000 (roughly, $12,980) to *ahem* spend the evening with her... CRAZY! She turned him down in a way that was way more kinder (and less amusing) than I would have. Basically letting him know that a) she was not a prostitute, and b) she wasn't otherwise interested in him at all, the guy kept trying to impress upon her that it could be a really good deal for a woman on holiday in Europe. Yeah, NO! I was dancing the whole time this was going on, so I didn't get a chance to watch the whole incident unfold in real time.... MAN! I wish I'd been over there though!!! Is he CRAZY!

Meanwhile, we shut the party down... and it was rainy and late by the time it we needed to get home, so J-Bueno escorted us home in a taxi before making his way back to his own place. We exchanged info and, like I mentioned, got a chance to hang out two days later for a bit....

And Juju and I went upstairs to recount the night, shower, change, and be on our way to Paris within a few hours...!!!

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