Saturday, February 26, 2011

In other words...I'm HUNGRY!

Shakespearean sized hunger:

Why doth thou afflict
me when faithfully there is
so little food prepared
in mine kitchen......?

Make haste!
and flee my belly,
I pray,
with a sandwich
and some tea!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Twelve hour adventure in Paris!!!

So, after dancing all night at with the Brits and the Brazilians, Juju and I showered, changed, and was on our way to the St. Pancras station at King's Cross to catch the Eurostar to Paris early Saturday morning. What were we thinking????!!!!!

I thought I'd sleep on the train, but I was too excited. Ju, on the other hand, was sleep shortly after we'd made it out of London. As the ticket agent had explained, the countryside was a lovely scenic backdrop to our journey to Paris Gare du Nord. I can't front, I was a bit nervous considering I speak very little to no French. I was feeling inadequate and wondering why it is that I've yet to master more than English and I'm almost 32. And, I mean, I can get along in Spanish, French, not so much..... It was interesting that with the very few phrases that I actually know in French, I'd say them and then Spanish would come rushing to my mind! "Bonjour, como se llama 'telephone??' Es 'telefonique' no?" Ummm, no! "Ahhh monsieur, a que hora es, s'il vous plait?" Not, quite. "Madamoiselle, por favor, un bolsa para mis cosas??" NO! I am determined to learn French though, so 2011 will have to be the year I begin a concentrated effort. Even now I'm looking up classes at 92y since they seem to offer them every few weeks... but it looks like their most recent classes began on 2/1.. oh well.

So, once we arrived in gay Paree, we figured out how to make it around on Le Metro! First we stopped for our first official Parisian croissant and expresso, before heading to Le Tour Eiffel! I'll spare you the details of how spectacular the Eiffel Tower was and recount our funniest moment of the trip! So, there were all of these Senegalese vendors on the road leading to the base of the Tower. While Julia was looking to purchase a lighter from one, we noticed a wave of people starting to run in our general direction! A stampede of sorts, and it was quite scary and comical all in the same breath. Mainly because Julia noticed the stampede and started running with them, whereas I more calmly surveyed the area and determined that a) only the African vendors were running, and b) none of the other tourists or Europeans looked even remotely concerned. It was quite amusing to realize that there was one Parisian police officer on a bicycle rolling around trying to confiscate their loot! ONE officer on a bike! And ten, twenty, thirty five vendors (and Julia!) were running like crazy, jumping over gates trying to get away!! She ran for about a yard or two, then stopped to see that I was not running so she should probably stop! MAN did we crack up!!! For the rest of our lives, we will be crackin up over that incident!!!

So, once we finally got ready to leave the Eiffel Tower area we made our way past the Trocadero, where we added our names in dry board marker to the vandalized stone (I was sooo nervous!!) and passed by our first vendor to fall in love with one of us, Aziz! He was from Morocco and when I bought the little purse from him, he asked for a hug and a kiss, so I humbly obliged! He was very "ooo-lala my belle!", a very charming fellow! Then we made our way over to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées which is one of the most famous streets in the world! When we got off the metro, we walked over to the Les Invalides, which was completely and utterly ornate and beautiful! Walking along the river Seine, we could barely contain our excitement! This is where we crossed paths with our next Parisian who fell madly in love with Julia, Fabrice the roasted chestnut vendor. He also was a charming fellow, and had a lot of interesting conversation for us to show how nice the Parisians are. He explained that he loved jazz music, as opposed to hip-hop, and proposed to Julia just before I bought a package of war, tasty chestnuts!

From there, we made our way to the Lourve, which was very majestic, indeed! We didn't have enough time to go in, but we mainly stood silent taking the scene in at a misty sundown in Paris listening a man play a haunting flute melody. I cannot wait to go back!

After spending a serene time at the Lourve, we continued forging through the street of Paree, and ended up in a Brazilian peace rally where there were drummers and dancers all in white coats and attire chanting for some kind of civil change. I wish I'd been able to understand what they were saying, but it was quite the site!!! We took that in for about twenty minutes or so, then found a souvenir shop to by things for family and friends...

After a bit of shopping, it was just after sundown, so we thought we'd make our way to Chateau Rouge, the little Africa of Paris. Before we arrived, we were in le metro and passed a young man singing Ordinary People by John Legend, so I decided to stop and sing with him!! It was great! Folks came by and stopped and put money in his little tip jar. And after Ordinary People we sang So High, also by John Legend... That was quite entertaining, and I actually made a point to video record all of the music I heard underground in Le Metro. I keep saying it, but it was all quite enchanting!

Once we arrived at Chateau Rouge, we found a guy from Senegal I believe to show us to a little hole in the wall restaurant where we could eat. Of course he spoke no English, nor did the proprietor, but we were able to order. And she was nice enough to find a guy in the restaurant who did speak English, in case we needed to ask for something. That was definitely the greatest representation of Poisson Fritte we could have ever had! A man from Zaire who spoke no English made his way over to our table, and insisted on engaging me in conversation, the little conversation that we could possibly have. It consisted of a lot of "how are you"s and "you are beautiful"s and "thank yous" etc. He asked for my number, I kindly declined. As kindly as I could in French'glish. However, inside of that little hole in the wall spot was the most entertainment one could find on a Saturday night! It was sort of juke joint, sort of hood spot, very African! The characters in there!!! One guy had on a braided outfit (that's the best way I can describe it) and was standing up making some kind of monologue, but it seems no one was really listening to him. Julia was calling him the Dave Chappelle of Paris. Then some other cats came in dressed just as wack....

We had no idea what the total was but left her what we thought would cover the cost of dinner plus a nice tip... Then with the little energy we had, was able to find our way back to Nord, two stops away. We definitely slept on the way back, and grabbed a taxi from St. Pancrass back to Ben's flat.

Overall, we made a whirlwind of an appearance to the Paris scene! I must return soon and really DO it. But, that was a wonderful introduction....... :D C'est la vie! And what a wonderful life it is!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Brazilians of London

So apparently, no matter where in the world I am, inside or out of the country, I will manage to stay awake until 4, 5 and 6am before eventually drifting off to sleep. What's up with that?

Well, while in the UK, it was more of the same for a couple of reasons, though. They are five hours ahead of NYC and eight ahead of LA, so we just weren't in the frame of mind to sleep during the night hours once we arrived. We'd stayed up most of Wed night and slept til the last minute on Thursday (before getting out to catch a cab to the wrong part of town and missing my university meeting) and then slept until afternoon on Friday before leisurely waking to get ready for our evening out. Since my cousin had the dope CD turntables in the living room, we turned up ATLiens for the hundredth time, raised the shades to the somewhat warehouse style windows in the flat, and enjoyed lounging around on holiday without a care in the world! We decided once and for all to purchase our Eurostar tickets to Paris for Saturday morning, and reached out to the homie, Lion, about Friday night having no idea the good time that was awaiting when we met up with him.

So, apparently a few of Lion's former co-workers were going to be gathering at this Brazilian restaurant called Guanabara for the birthday hang of a friend, and he'd already told us that the afterwork affair would turn into a full out party by 9p, so dress accordingly! For me that meant an off the shoulder pink and black top, black leather skirt, and black & pink tights with flat boots. Even if I would get hot from the tights, I could cool off from the off the shoulder top! Julia, on the other hand, decided that this meant brand new high heel boots that she started complaining about just once block from the apartment! I questioned whether or not she was going to be able to handle them all night, but she insisted that she was good! And they were hot!! But moreso the kind of boots you decide to wear when a date is coming to pick you up, drop you off, and you will only be walking from the car to the booth, and back! Definitely not on public trans, and definitely not to dance all night. BUT she was cute!

We arrived at Guanabara around 7p and it was already in full swing! The spot is designed in the round so that the tables and bars surround the circular dance floor, with a stage completing the circle. It was packed already but we found Lion's party near the stage. In the middle of the dance floor was a conga player jamming with the dj, and this old Brazilian cat dancing so much he was sweating through his clothes! Especially in the crotch and back area! Ewwww!!! Once they finished their entertaining hour, the dancing party began, followed by a live band playing Samba versions of Crazy and I Feel Good! I've NEVER heard anything like that! The mashup of rhythm with popular tunes made the songs brand new for me!!

BUT before the party even got good and started, there was a Carnaval performance by a guy and girl dancer. The guy had sequins all over his outfit, the girl, scantily clad in feathers and g-string! They were both working those hips and heels to the drums, and before I knew it, I was pulled out from the audience to join them in the middle! I actually had been video taping them, which is probably why the guy dancer singled me out, but I was READY!!! Once I was out in the middle, they showed me and another woman what to do, and I went for it!!! Shake it to the right! Shake it to the left! Shake it to the one that you love the best! LOL! Then I ended with a classic ol'school Tina Turner move... just because! THAT was the best! EVER!

I spent a good majority, if not the whole evening dancing with Lion, his boy Alphe, and other folks from the party! Between the caipirinhas (the BEST I've ever had in my life), the food and the good company of new friends, I found myself dancing on the tables by the end of the night!!! Whereas, Juju sat back and enjoyed watching all the excitement from the comfort of the sideline, having all kinds of interesting conversations with crazy Brits, I wore myself out getting my groove on! I actually was a bit tired and decided to lay low from dancing with the pool of guys I had to choose from, but kept my funky two step going. I didn't know where Ju had gone off to, but noticed an attractive guy with dreads off to the side within striking distance, also getting a funky two step on... So I decided to grab him and continue with my partying for the night!

Turns out this cat, J-Bueno (da Silva) from the southern part of Brasil, was the best dancer in the club, and is actually sometimes employed by them to dance during the carnval and capoeira shows. Dancing with him was probably the most fun I had all weekend. I love it when I find a male dancing partner who can show me a thing or two when it comes to moving to the rhythm. I can tell he'd studied, and he was showing me the official samba moves that I could barely do correctly! But dancing hand in hand, it was so enchanting as he spun me around and around! I've got to visit Brasil! And it turns out that not only was he a handsome and talented dancer, but I found out at dinner on Sunday evening (!!!) that he was a really intelligent and learned brotha, so that was cool.

Ju found other forms of adventure that included turning down an Indian businessman that tried to proposition her for the night! Yes.... he actually offered her £7,000 (roughly, $12,980) to *ahem* spend the evening with her... CRAZY! She turned him down in a way that was way more kinder (and less amusing) than I would have. Basically letting him know that a) she was not a prostitute, and b) she wasn't otherwise interested in him at all, the guy kept trying to impress upon her that it could be a really good deal for a woman on holiday in Europe. Yeah, NO! I was dancing the whole time this was going on, so I didn't get a chance to watch the whole incident unfold in real time.... MAN! I wish I'd been over there though!!! Is he CRAZY!

Meanwhile, we shut the party down... and it was rainy and late by the time it we needed to get home, so J-Bueno escorted us home in a taxi before making his way back to his own place. We exchanged info and, like I mentioned, got a chance to hang out two days later for a bit....

And Juju and I went upstairs to recount the night, shower, change, and be on our way to Paris within a few hours...!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

And on Thursday night... (thank God for the porto-LOO!)

First, on the tube ride to Portobello Road where Mau Mau is located, I was fortunate enough to find a seat in front of two of London's talented little primadonnas, Fanny & Lulu. Though there was adequate seating, they chose to stand and dance about the train, their mother/aunt/authoritative figure doing little to calm down their hyperactivity during the rush hour commute. Swinging themselves around the pole one at a time, it was quite humorous hearing little blond ten year old brits singing, "My milkshake brings Fanny to the yah'd..." while the other chimed in high pitched voice, "MY milkshake brings Lulu to the yah'd...." as they sache'd around in circles.

Meanwhile, on the way back from being out that night....

So one thing that I reallly do not care for is London's tube shutting down at midnight, and even earlier on Sunday.... We learned on Thursday night what problems this poses when we left Mau Mau once the festivities were done and were made to get off the train before reaching our Old Street destination off the Northern Line.

I can't remember which stop we had to get off at, but when we reached the platform we were greeted by a couple of lost Irishmen that were, without a doubt, the life of whatever party they'd just come from! I can't imagine how the conversation between us started! BUT IT DID!

The bald one (to me): "You're not from here, are ya? Are ya Irish?"

Me: "Yeah! I am!! Are you???"

Him: "YES!!!! Ehhh, she's IRISH!!!!"

Hysterical laughter ensues between him and his friend, Julia and myself... all clowning around on the platform, trying to figure out where the exit is, and where we were going next... "So where's the afterparty???" they asked! Meanwhile, we were more concerned with trying to find our way back to Old Street, so unfortunately, the tube station was going to be the extent of our partying with these bloaks! We chit chat and laughed some more, inquiring about what had brought them to London. The one in the hat works for a music distribution company, or something of the sort, and was in town for a conference... The bald one, his WILD friend!

So, after the entertaining Irishmen, we made our way out toward the bus stop where it was freezing cold. We weren't too sure how to reach the flat via bus, but a helpful Canadian was there to give us specific directions on which bus to take, etc. The only problem now was waiting for said bus to arrive. Well, to make matters worse, I was beginning to realize the degree to which I needed to use the LOO! lol... I had to go again even though I went before we left the bar (we were treated to a few tasty drinks over the course of the evening), but Ju was encouraging me to hold it. I thought, "Maybe we should take a taxi.." but the Canadian girl insisted the bus was on its way. And it was. But I had no idea whether or not I was going to be able to hold it. I stood on the bus stop cold and concerned that I would not, in fact, make it!

We finally got on the bus, but I was at the brink of decidedly having an "accident." Now the decision was, was the accident going to happen on the bus, or on the street. Julia tried to divert my attention with amusing gibberjabber, but it wasn't working. I pressed the button to get off and pleaded with the Lord to keep me from urinating on the street, even though EVERY establishment was closed and we had no idea how close to the flat we were.

Walking down about a block or two, I decided THIS was going to be the moment I learn what it is to relieve oneself in public after a night out! What the hey... we're in another country, been out carrying on with good people... IF ever there were time, THIS was it???? Only, the street I turned down to find a place to go had security sitting in a squad car. I walked up to him to ask if there was a restroom anywhere. Of course he said no, so I made haste to the next block...

And WOULDN'T YOU KNOW! An answer to prayer!!!!!

Just one block over was the cleanest, more efficient porto-potty I've ever seen in my life!!! I all but sprinted over to the Simply Loos stall, praying that it was not locked, and pried the door open! To my relief (and surprise), it was open (at around a quarter to 2am) and the cleanliness rivaled toilets in actual establishments (no detectable odor or anything)! There was toilet paper, soap and running water!!! Yes! So I could use the Simply Loos porto-loo in style, and leave it with my good hygiene untainted! (For the most part!)

Man! I was soooooo happy after that I didn't care if we took the next hour and walked home!!! Julia even decided to use it, after which we kind of meandered down the street, found a takeout place still open, and grabbed the next bus to Old Street!!

And THAT, ladies and gents, was our Thursday night in London!!! in a nutshell!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SO Day two in London......

On Thursday the 10th I was scheduled to visit a university to meet with the director of the Children's Literature Research Center because I'm considering studying there in the near future. I'd scheduled the appointment about a month ago and had been having steady correspondence with the director assuring that I was glad to visit the department come Thursday. Meanwhile, after staying up all night researching somethings about studying children's lit that I wanted to address in the meeting, I slept until I had just enough time to get to the campus. Since I didn't really know which part of London in which it was located, despite checking and re-checking directions, I decided that we'd take a taxi to the campus to ensure we'd make it. I knew from looking online that the campus was located near Queen Mary Hospital, so when we get to the cabbie station, I ask to be taken to there thinking I could walk to the college after arriving at the hospital entrance. From Google maps it was determined that it would take about 30 mins to drive there, but our cabbie got us there in like 15. He pulled up and was like, "Here's the hospital, there are two universities nearby." One was Queen Mary University and I'm not sure what the other was, but it wasn't the campus I was looking for. Meanwhile, I paid, we got out and I decided to walk (in the rain) and try to find it.... LONG STORY SHORT, 3pm came and went with us searching and searching for the school in the general area of the hospital and was FINALLY enlightened by a kind hospital attendant that we were in EAST London while the university near Queen Mary Hospital was in fact in SOUTH WEST London. I'd already realized I wasn't going to make my meeting, and to make matters worse, I didn't have the phone number to the office, only the address and the contact person. So I felt HORRIBLE! Completely disappointed for compounded reasons; not only was I missing my informative meeting, but I was standing up the director of the program I'm interested in applying to. I could have just melted right in the rain... a bit devastated, to say the least.

So the attendant told us how to get back toward Shoreditch, which is near my cousin's flat, and we started walking to a bus stop. In that moment I decided to call my girl from London to check in and see how she was doing and if we'd be able to get up. She asked how I was and I told her that I'd missed my appointment because the cabbie brought me to E Ldn when I needed to be in SW Ldn. She goes, "NO WAY! I LIVE in SW London, am here now!!!!" So, seeing my dilemma she offered to look up the # to the office of the department where I had the meeting, and I was able to call the director herself, humbly apologize for missing the appointment offering the reason (she completely understood), and get comfort in her offering to answer any questions I have by email and encouraging me to remain in contact, especially if it will lead to me offering a proposal for Ph.D. study! So, yay.....

Meanwhile, you have NO IDEA the weight that was lifted off my shoulder just by making that call!!!!! Now I could really relax, stop pouting, and get back into the swing of the London Adventure!! So, we came back to the flat in time to regroup and figure out where to meet my boy Lion for our Thursday night excursion..... PORTOBELLO ROAD!

He suggested we meet him at Mau Mau for drinks and music. My boy Ahmed had also mentioned that this sis from BK was going to be performing that night, so I knew this was where we needed to be. Ju and I actually arrived on Portobello Rd about two hours before Lion was to come because he had a football match, so he suggested we eat at this Malaysian restaurant called Makan. We were sitting in this Thai pub when I made the call to him, but we hadn't ordered yet, so we kindly excused ourselves and went down the road. I was telling Ju that in my father's far east travels, he's often mentioned really enjoying the food of either Malaysia or Singapore, saying that while one had realllly tasty spicy food, the other was just alright and not as well seasoned. I couldn't remember which he said he liked more, so I was down for Malaysian jumpoff. And BOY am I glad we did... that food was bangin', yo! And SPIIICCCCYYY!!!! That was the best place he could have recommended for us to eat! Tasty and eclectic to boot!

So from there, we were off to MauMau! I love it there. It really reminds me of some place I'd see in Williamsburg, Parkslope or LES...... And turns out one of the bartenders used to live in Park Slope, real interesting bloak, as it were! We had such a good time here, with the ambiance and the live music that I could never have imagined that the next night would be ten times more electric than when we were at MauMau!

Lion finally arrived at MauMau bar and introduced us to half the bar which were a bunch of his cool Londoner comrades! Got to see the sis from BK rock the stage with a live band and dope singer MC from London. Truly one of those "eat, drink and be merry" moments!!!! Had the best conversation with a brotha that's spent a lot of time in Brasil doing volunteer work, which is most interesting because this country -------> BR, has become a running theme in our UK adventure during this trip! (Perhaps this needs to be my next international trip? ;)

And on that note.... I'll document our next chapter to the adventure, the Brazilian affair!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

LA --> BK --> UK! Night UNO!

So, to start off, I am so amazed and excited at how easy it was to get here...

Hearing stories about delayed flights due to inclement weather, taking hours to get through customs, and the other seeming horror stories associated with international travel, I just was expecting.. well, more ta-do and hoopla related to getting across the pond!

I actually arrived at JFK a little more than two hours before my flight, which turned out to be more than necessary-- if you ask me. I slept on the way to the airport, and once the cabby arrived, I sprinted in and was on my way.

So here I am thinking that I could take one of my two suitcases on the flight as a carry-on, and the attendant shut me down quick fast and in a hurry by telling me it was too large to fly in cabin, and that I'd have to check it for $50. STRAIGHT FACE, "But it is carry-on size for Jetblue," I responded. "Well, not for American. What would you like to do?" **Sigh** I pull out a hundred dollar bill that was not designated for luggage fees, remove my laptop from said carry-on, and check it. Because if I'd answered what I would "like to do", I may not have been allowed to get on the flight. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow, especially when that flow is leading toward a wonderful trip to Europe.

Once I got [somewhat] over having to pay to check my 2nd bag, I went through airport security in like 8 minutes and was seated at the gate two minutes later. There's just something about traveling early in the morning on a Wednesday that I love so much! There's literally a handful of people in the airport at that time. Who needs the hustle and bustle of middle of the day weekend traveling??

I got settled at the gate and started looking at video footage I'd downloaded from my Flip camera until Jujubee arrived from her LA flight! Wondertwins back together again!!!! Meanwhile, she shows up with a list of things she needs to get FOR THE TRIP that she's yet to actually get... A coat (?), a flat-iron (??), a scarf to sleep in (?), an ipod charger... I'm like, "Um, did you not understand that the trip was on Feb 9th???? Which is today!" LOL! "WHY do you need to get all of that once we get to London!?" But, Juju had her reasons, and that's alright with me! hahahah

About an hour later, it was time to board. Talk about a flight half empty! It looked more like 60% or more of the seats unoccupied. Better for the passengers, if you ask me. Both Jujee and I had rows to ourselves, and whereas she chose to knit for most of the flight, I was KNOCKED OUT before even leaving the runway. Slept for ninety percent of the flight, and woke up with 55mins left (and that's out of a seven hour flight!) All in all, I'd say that worked out well...

So, blah blah blah, we land, we get to the UK Border to go through and almost get kicked out the country before even getting let IN!!! Whereas I was being very stealth with my ability to sneak a couple of photos at the custom line, Ju takes out her digital camera with bright flash and snaps a photo! Immediately, customs agent 33 calls for security and agent 32 bum rushes like "THIS is a secure area, you cannot take photographs. You must delete it now!" (Really??? Three agents?? For a photograph?) She's like, "Are you talking to me?" Even though I gave her a quicks heads up like, "Yo, they're coming for you right now!" lol! So she's like, "Okay, I'm deleting it... There is only one photograph, see it's gone." So, in the end, it wasn't THAT big of a deal, but I was glad we didn't get kicked out, ...yet. Not one day one, hour one!

Getting from Heathrow to Shoreditch was not all that bad... except for dragging the luggage up and down all of the steps in order to save money (instead of getting a taxi). BUT the major problem from when I'd landed was my Blackberry not working. When I called T-Mobile, they assured that I'd be able to use my Blackberry Curve in London, but ever since I've landed it remains on SOS (or searching for signal). So, of course that kept me from calling my cousin, or anyone else, to say that I'd arrived. It even prevented me from getting online or simply sending text messages. So I need to check into this, though when I finally did hook up with the cuzzo, he had an extra celly for me to use.

But actually linking up with him was has been the most extraordinary little magical event to happen so far! So, Jujee and I are walking down the cobblestone of Coronet, not quite sure where his flat is located or if he's even home. And of course, since he works long awful hours (i.e. a real job) he was not home when we arrived out front with our four bags! So a few people pass us, and I walk up and down the street trying to figure out what to do since I can't reach him via my cell. And Ju is like, "Why don't you ask a nice passerby if you can use their cell phone to call him." Now, if you're like me, you're thinking, IF someone asked if they could use my celly, I'd probably kindly turn them down.... (well, maybe I'd let them, but it's still a random request), BUT I decided to go on and ask someone. The first guy that passed looked too stuffy... and the second one answered a cell phone call right as he was approaching us. I very well could've been like, "Hey, I know I don't know you, but can you get off your phone so I can use it, Mister!" So I'm like ,"OK! Whoever is next, I'm asking him.." And wouldn't you know, the very next person to pass, a nice Spanish gentlefellow with long flowing hair and gentle disposition (if by gentle you mean, wary of two American strangers asking to use his cell phone!) just so happened to be my cousin's neighbor from across the street!

So, not only was the neighbor like "Who are you waiting for? Ben?" but he actually had his phone number in his cell. He called him up like, "I have someone here that you'd like to speak to!"

THAT blew my mind, because, literally, I had not spoken to Ben to tell him I had landed and was on my way. I hadn't known who to ask to use their cell phone... I just knew the address and that I needed to show up! And God sent the neighbor to meet us with his cell phone! HA! Our steps are ordered!!! ...So, cousin Ben was minutes away from arriving by taxi to greet us, and we came up to his *wonderful* and amazing flat. Two or three levels it seems to be, with rooftop access. And he lives alone! It's huge with hardwood floors and a wood panel fridge that blends in with the cabinets! Real cushy living! And the best part are the turntables in his living room! I told him we HAVE to have a party here before I leave!!!! ;D

So once he got us settled in, Ju and I went for a walk and ended up at a little pub down the street from him call El Paso for a late dinner. The food was great, the bartender was cute (Ziya who's named for his grandfather from Cypress), and we're ending night one on an absolute high! Looking for what London's got to offer! And maybe Paris. I really want to try to get there on Saturday or Sunday.. so, we'll see!!!

Stay tuned for more to come!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

i'm in the mood for love...

but what else is new?

....and since there is not much love affair taking place, with any particular person of interest anyway, I've decided to be enraptured by the vignettes of amore in the film New York, I Love You, especially since I am in a perpetual unyielding, unflinching love affair with this fair city.

So, since this is the second time I've watched it tonight (lucky for me it's airing on TMC, never mind I have the dvd), and I can't get enough of each couple's arc and dialogue, I decided to see if the script was available online (as I feel like it will benefit me to read it in it's entirety).... and


The transcript of New York, I Love You!

Unfortunately, it's not the full script. There's only dialogue; no character names or stage directions or any of the extra stuff because it's on script-o-rama. Apparently it was painstakingly transcribed by a fellow lover of the movie, so I can't be mad. As soon as I located it I immediately looked up one of the early script sections between a Hasidic diamond buyer woman and an Indian Jain diamond seller. That has been one of the most intriguing of the story lines, though I'm looking forward to reading the one with Robin Wright Penn.

The last movie I loved enough to find the script was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I remember sitting in a temp office a few days after having seen it, and looking up the script online and reading it on the spot. I love that movie.

So.... until another love affair finds me. Or until I get around to deciding what love story I want to write of the characters walking around my head. I'll continue watching these over and over and finding the scripts of the ones I love to immerse myself in.


I'm glad Grey's Anatomy is on tomorrow. They never cease with the sagas of the heart. Not the sappy overly romantic stuff, but that gut wrenching heart on your sleeve this can't be real, but i'm feeling it, for better or for worse on any given day, kind of love.

if you can call it that.

i think about "love" too much.

strangely enough, i don't even think i really really want any parts of it forreal right now. the movie are enough, and the tele shows. one to two hour intervals of matters of the heart may be the best thing for now. because that's the way it is anyway.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

So in my brushing up on Cheers trivia..

..I started wondering about the relationship between Carla Tortelli and Eddie LeBec, as I'd kind of forgotten what happened after they got married.

Well, good ole wikipedia came in handy; I was able to not only ready about Carla and Eddie marrying but the whole arc of their relationship which ended with his death in an ice show freak accident. But as every character demise usually has something to do with the actor playing that character, I did a bit more research to find out why, in fact, Eddie LeBec had to die...

So. In a unfortunate twist of foot-in-mouth drama, it seems the actor who played Eddie LeBec, Jay Thomas, had a radio show at the time, and after a few seasons of playing the character one day decided to answer a callers question regarding how he liked working on the show:

"He said something to the effect of 'It’s brutal. I have to kiss Rhea Perlman.' Well, guess who happened to be listening."

This is according to the blogsite of one of the writer/producer/creative executives of the show. In an entry entitled "The Kiss of Death for Eddie LeBec" he goes on to explain that Rhea Perlman was actually listening to the show the very moment Jay Thomas made this unflattering comment. .....botta-b00m-botta-bing, Eddie LeBec has gone on to the big hockey ring in the sky!

How crazy is that!!! I mean, I was so young when the show was airing that there's no way I would've ever known any of that. And apparently it wasn't really common knowledge since it is only documented on this blog. I love personal accounts of popular culture history...