Tuesday, January 04, 2011

let me acknowledge oh-eleven.

i'm still in southern california, and it's the new year.

i miss new york.
--------> dearly.

but i love my family. and consider it necessary to spend time with them. and i've enjoyed seeing friends i don't normally get to hang out with as well. but i miss my home, my life in new york. so, a few more days, and it will time to bid the west coast adieu.

january one. 2011 a.d. 9a. i met Oprah Winfrey. unexpectedly invited to the launch party of OWN by a high school friend i had no idea was working for the network, i got myself up, three hour after having fallen asleep post-NYE festivities, and was on my way with one friend to meet two others and the one that had invited us. it was a lavish event for staff, families and friends, and of course we couldn't believe we were there, but for me it represented the kind of magic that happens in my life and represents what things may come if i keep living. i can only imagine, yet can't imagine, at the same time. it was the most exciting January 1 i believe i've ever experienced in my life, and is tremendously the other side of the coin that was January 1, 2010. such joy to complement the grief of one year ago. the pendulum of emotion in my life rings with a fierceness.

january two. good music in LA's music scene. i know a few cats well, but am making the kind of connections with the musicians out here that i have with the ones in NYC, mainly because of my love of the music and undying energy that comes about from the music. i'd like to hope that at some point, musicians on both coasts will be more than guys that i admire for their talent, and who admire me for my passionate energy, but that i develop enough as a vocalist to be considered one of their peers. in new york, it's happening, slowly but surely. the more i sing with s.u., and the find other opportunities to sing, the more i will find myself included on someone's stage. it's time to work at my craft more than i ever have instead of just coasting on being able to do it. i want to be good at what i do, not just nice.

january three. i swear a rainbow followed me all the way from los angeles to our timeshare in Dana Point. i saw it as soon as we got on the 405 south headed through carson. and BOOM, in the sky was the faintest path of rainbow* in the clouds. the clouds ended, the rainbow ended. then we drive a few more miles, and BOOM there it was again. and i literally stared out of the window for the hour or so it took to get here, watching the rainbow disappear and reappear, playing peeek-a-boo if you will, and finally reveal itself in its entirety once we reached our destination in Dana Point. and when my parents went to check in, it totally disappeared for good.

imagine that. a rainbow wanted to play with me, of all people, on the third day of the new year.

how charming.

Dana Point Rainbow. 3 January 11.
(by the time we arrived, it was in full arch.)

*the second one i've seen in southern cali since i've been here. i think i'm going to document each and every rainbow i see this year. let's see if it's a year of enchanting rainbows following me around, or if i reach a pot of gold at the end of one!

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