Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's not a new year's resolution but...

I really am looking forward to the workout/running regimen my brother is instituting for us. I've allowed him to convince me to go half on a fairly reasonable treadmill which arrived last monday. Then he said we'd workout three times a week: Pull-ups (of course mine are assisted, two at a time), planks, and running for 15 mins straight on the tm. Already I've done some variation of those three things the past three days. And I kinda like it. Not in the "Yeah I like to workout" sense of things, but in the "wow, I never have been inclined to commit to this, and now I'm open to it and will purpose to follow through." My cousin whose been severely overweight for years has been working out to lose weight. She is an inspiration as well as my brother who took on running and tennis in the past five years. They're 38 and 40 respectively, which shows me it's never too late to begin a healthier lifestyle. A told a friend about it and he said "Don't get too Flo-Jo with it" and I laughed like "Imagine ME, as fly as Flo-Jo!" but wouldn't that be dope if I got trim and muscular like an actual track runner! It's not my goal, at all.. matterfact I don't have one, per se. I'm not trying to altogether lose weight, I'm not trying to run a marathon. I just want to be healthier.

So.... it's not a resolution. I just suppose in order to have a change of life, you have to just decide one day to start making that change.

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