Wednesday, January 05, 2011

in the spirit of aiming higher in the new year, or just in general..

...I've created my first two Craigslist ads for MaiContent, LLC in hopes that I will gain some new clients who need assistance in writing, proofreading or editing. I created one for students* and one for small business owners; pretty generic ads, they are. I will look forward to creating more detailed and niche ads though to get the ball rolling so that I may edit docs during billable hours for the better portion of each week this year. With my shortage of classes this semester, and my deciding to become incorporated as a business owner for some apparent reason last year, I need to actually put some feet behind moving forward as said business owner.

So. Even though I spent just a few minutes creating this ad and this one, I consider them to be seeds that will yield financial fruit one way or another in the coming days....

*whereas I realize the one for students looks a bit generic without the name of the company or my name appearing anywhere, I think it's better to be inconspicuous when editing student papers, no? I probably could be a bit more deliberate with putting my company name out there for the small business ad though.... I'll have time to pull it together when I get back to NY.

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