Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am engrossed in all things Ted Williams right now.

and I am in awe. Smiling. Watching his reuniting w/his mother, working the circuit full of grace & charm. So articulate and gracious, recounting his bountiful opportunities. I'm praying for him. Let no one take advantage of him or the fortune that has come his way. Let his children and... mother will benefit from his return. Let him remain steadfast with his relationship with God... Let him remain substance free. Let him have peace of mind once all of the hype and sensation dies down. Let him live another fifty years reaping the reward of this new chance at life. Let him be an inspiration to others. Let him NOT be the ...only one this may happen to. Let any haters or folks who will try to deter him or be a stumbling block or be a hindrance, be kept away from him. Let him be surrounded by a group of trustworthy, caring, business minded individuals who will look out for him and help him to grow spiritually, socially and mentally. Let him be responsible. Let him be the love and receive the love that he appears to be in the videos. I'm praying all of that in the Lord's name. Amen.

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