Wednesday, December 01, 2010

in the middle of my thirtyfirst year,

and at the end of this two thousandth and tenth year a.d.,

i can say with much accuracy and conviction that

(though i truly enjoy the company of a companion i adore
and who tickles me from the inside out

and though the attraction of and to certain people make life worth living,

and though i fully and completely believe in the kind of precious unconditional
love that i see others existing in,

and though-perhaps-
there really happens to be some guy out there
who prefers-yearns, even-
to find out all there is to know about the bizarre bird that is me
and who is compelled to avail himself to
build some kind of existence together)

i am,
the furthest away from
a committed significant other*
(or desiring to have offspring of my own
with said unwanted s.o.)
than i've ever been in my adult life.


who knows.
but. it is what it is.

que seh-ra, seh-ra.

*or the idea of a significant other

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