Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear God,

I do believe I have stumbled upon my next step.

I am enamored and daydreaming about this program in connection with this one, and officially have reason to believe that London is calling. I think, for now anyway, New York may have run its course in my little adventurous life. Is it serendipitous that I've already booked a ticket and plan to visit this very city where the university resides, before having even an inkling that such a program existed for me???? Or that I have not published my own works just yet because it simply has not been the time. Or that I've been wanting to move abroad for quite some time now (read: all of my life), and perhaps, on all fronts, professional and personal, the time has come?


All things Children's Literature.
could very well lead to ------> internationally renowned author,
Dr. MK Perkins.

it's just a daydream, at the moment.

Perhaps, more.

I mean,
once the application is sent, it will be a plan of action.
Now, won't it.
(that's how my journey to Sarah Lawrence began!)


so, Dear Lord, I am trusting you to lead the way.
In your name,

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