Saturday, October 02, 2010

(....sigh) How strong love is.

One day................ unless this doesn't exist in reality.
(because it does exist in my mind.)


if it does..

one day.

(acknowledges mellow-dramatic feelings related to this song,

somewhat in the vein of a brimming tear,

turns over to go back to sleep.)


If I were that sun up there
I would glow with love, oh darlin', everywhere
I'd even be the moon when the sun goes down
So you could see, oh darlin I want you to see that I'm still around...

If I were a weeping willow
I would cry til I drowned in my own tears
Just so you could go swimming as long as you would live
I'd even be the rainbow after all my tears were gone
Then I'd wrap you up in my colors, oh baby, just to keep you warm....

If I were a star, I would shine so far away
you see, I don't want you stumbling around in the darkness
I'll light your darkness, as you travel alone
If you said you needed me baby,
Here's what I'd do
I would do without anything in the world for you baby, yes I would
just so I could be there with you
If you said you needed money,
ain't no limit to what I'd do
I would walk eight days a week for you baby
If you told me that seven days wouldn't do, oh baby...

Ain't that loving you?
That's how strong my love is.

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