Sunday, October 03, 2010

If you were a 90's hip-hop artist

And you met a girl at a party late one night in Brooklyn, would you make a big deal to make sure she knew that you were THAT mc from THAT group if she didn't recognize you?

:D yeah...... to be a fly on the wall of my life!

So I was hanging out with my homegirl at her husband's party (...or was I at my homeboy's party hanging out with his wife? anyway...) and there was a guy there with the couple of other people I knew... We said hello earlier, then as the night went on and I kept getting my dancing machine on, my homegirl suggested I dance with ole boy. (Actually, she was trying to keep me away from this other fella who was vying for my attention.) So, of course I oblige and in the meantime of dancing, we start chitchatting away. Some kind of way he asked me how old I thought he was, and I threw out, thinking surely I have no idea, that he was 42. He was like, Why did you say that? because it turns out that he was, infact, 42! After asking me what I thought the Lotto numbers were (hee hee, funny!) we talked some more and I aksed him his name again. He was like, "Wait, how old are you?" and I told him I am 31. So he used that to assess that I just MAY know who he was based on the height of his career taking place during my teenage years... and that was.... cute... a bit presumptuous or even arrogant, maybe, but cute because I did recognize the name. So we talked a little bit more, but I knew I'd have to come home and actually Youtube one of their songs so that I could put a frame of reference with the name..... So, here's to the guy from the 90's group Nice'n'Smooth who really tried to holla tonight, and who I gave my number, ..............just for fun! (I don't know if he's still trying to be a rapper, I don't know if I'll see him again- especially on a one on one basis-, I don't know if he even cares... but, it was randomly cool to meet him!)


eMCee said...

LOL Wow. I knew Greg Nice, but can't recall this dude's gov't name. But I would have recognized him (unless he has aged horribly!)

Quit pullin' 90s rappers! LOL

Mai~Goodness said...

LMAO @ "Quit pullin' 90s rappers!" hahahhahahaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Stop playing. They were here in the Chi about two years ago performing at a fest. Smooth B barely left the stage while Greg damn near surfed through the crowd. I'm exaggerating but he had so much energy and testimony! Whew. He probably tried to dance and talk your ear for hours, huh? (Now, we have a "90s hip hop story" to swap.)QUEEEEN