Monday, October 11, 2010

i wish

i was doing a little bit better right now.
for once, i'm not worried about money.
but, the weight of everything else emo is pressing.
sometimes, anyway.

i'm so glad it will be 72 degrees today,
even if i will be in the house asleep for most of it.

i didn't sleep last night after editing 57 pages of document and watching two Grey's Anatomy episodes. In the second episode, one of the circumstances warranted the statement:
"Love isn't enough anymore..." and the person left, though acknowledging that she and the dude still loved one another. The circumstance was just too much for her and she left. That's a bit of an interesting thing to filter and rationalize. Anyway, it's a show. It's written, I know. Life is not scripted, but the scripts are based on real life experiences. .......well...
I'm... tired isn't the word.... heavyladen, perhaps.
that is my problem right now.

i was just gonna watch Fred Astaire and Cyd Carisse until I drifted off. but my eyes are already closing.
and maybe my dreams this time will be a lovely musical
starring me in Paris headlining a cabaret with Audrey Hepburn or Julie Andrews.
i mean, if i'm gonna conjure up scenes that will never actually happen, they might as well be with my favorite entertainers... maybe i'll drift into a scene of the Cosby Show this time, or Living single, or Fraser.... and have a really pleasent dream with a laugh track.

....................and when i wake up, it may be time for
a Nora Ephron film. I think I'm overdue.

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