Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brilliant! Babies.

I'm almost asking myself why I waited so long to see this, but I'm glad I watched tonight! This was such an insightful and entertaining look into how babies are conditioned throughout the world by simply adhering to traditional and popular customs. The Namibians, hands down, seem to answer on lock as to how to produce and rear peaceful, independent, happy offspring within their tribal haven ... while the Mongolians are neck and neck as runners up with happy babies running around the grasslands amongst the cattle and roosters sans clothed bottom. As for the American and Japanese babies... I kinda felt sorry for them a little bit, considering the "advancement" of these two cultures and the way children are raised accordingly.

But, by all means, I'm glad I finally watched it. I'm also glad that I am no closer to actually wanting one of these of my own, but I did feel warm and giggly at the precious moments, but who wouldn't!

PS SHOUT OUT to the big brother of the Mongolian baby... I hope that baby whoops his @** when he gets big enough to get that brother back!

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