Saturday, June 26, 2010

Most recent weird dream... that wasn't really weird.

i had the weirdest dream today. let's see if i can remember it:

i dreamt that i was some kind of way responsible for or involved in the logistics of a band playing. it was a band like nate's Five Spot band, where i know all the guys, only it wasn't nate nor could i recognize any of the guys to be musicians i currently know. so anyway, they're playing on the stage, and it's a large venue kinda like the hollywood bowl, and i'm sitting in the special box seats that aren't terribly far from the stage, maybe with someone (some people) but could've been by myself..

Anyway, here's where it gets strange. So Sean Puffy Combs comes over to the box where I'm sitting carrying a guitar in a case, and he's like, "Hey you mind if I go up and vibe out with the band?" And I'm like, "Well, can you play?" and he's like, "I'm learning..." So, I'm like, "Okay, sure, go on up and let's see what you got!" And this is Puffy, now, but he doesn't have the whole Puffy- I'm the shiz- swag...

So, anyway, he goes up and greets the guys and they're looking like, "What is he about to do?" and he pulls out his guitar and joins in on the song the band starts playing. AND he knows his stuff! Then in the middle of the song he plays the illest solo I ever heard! It was soooo beautiful and dope, and the whole stadium is up on their feet cheering cause he's just going IN!!

So by the time he gets finished, I'm just sitting there like, "Wow.... did I just hear that??" And he comes back over with this grin like, "So what'dya think?" And we vibed for a minute and he was so humble and sincere and funny, and we seemed to really connect for those few minutes. then he went back over to the stage to get back in with the band...

And as he walked away I was like, "Omg, I totally have a crush on Puffy.....!"

and then I woke up.

How STRANGE is that. Because I totally do NOT have a crush on Puffy.

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