Thursday, May 20, 2010

My favorite FB status and comment

Mai Perkins was reminded recently that there are actually men who pray (and believe) that God will allow them to meet the right wife. I seem to forget that this occurs... :) So, to those men who have found the Lord's favor in bringing Mrs. Right into their lives, I say kudos! And to those who are keeping cool and believing that God got it under control, I say, good for you!

Daddy's comment:
Some years ago, your mother and I had a conversation. We found that when we were very young, and before we knew each other, we had both prayed that the Lord would bring the right person into our lives to marry and build a life with. After almost 40 years of loving each other, we know the Lord answered our prayers. Neither of us were looking for
anyone when the Lord brought us together. Once we were together, neither of us ever looked for anyone else again. Experiencing this type of love, this depth of love, this continuously growing and evolving love can only be PRAYER ANSWERED!!!

Dominique's comment:
The man who prays YOU into his life will indeed be BLESSED!

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