Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I usually don't make it my business.. be up in nobody's face, ('SPECIALLY my yout-dem!)

a lot of times I figure, they crazy as
(you fill in the blank)!
let them act'n'be
as crazy as they wanna!

meanwhile, I also figure
I'm at least DOING my part
to influence the ones fresh outa high school
(wait-- is THAT why they're called
should they so decide
of their own volition
that they'd like to be influenced
in my classroom.....

and I really was not tryin to go hard this afternoon,
especially after kickin young dude out of my class for saggin his pants
(despite prior warnings of being asked to leave)

in his defense, he actually WAS participating and stuff
...but, naw! being told multiple times that
direct eye-contact with your draws is
is enough to be asked to LEAVE NOW,
and maybe think about the fact that
he's gotta pull 'em up if he wants to continue
getting something valuable out of my class....

so, i was already a live wire from that incident
on top of being at work all day,
which is something
i try NOT to do on a regular basis

and was headed home on the C at Clinton/Wash
when these two obnoxious loud (fill in the blank...
....teenagers..... i'll call them teenagers.... PREteens, even)
a boy and a girl, were rough housing on the platform.

Now, it's one thing to horse around on the sidewalk,
and even something different if you get a couple of licks in
while going back and forth on a larger platform.
but that Clinton/Washington stop??
I'll be the first to comment on how necessary it would be
to stand still, or at least like you got some sense,
and wait for the train to arrive.

but NO. these jerks wanna play fight,
running around, swinging and jumping on one another,
the girl trying to pull the pants down on the boy.

Do I say something? No.
Do the other commuters who are just tryin to get home
say anything? No.
Is the train anywhere in sight? No.
Do these two tweedledumbs's continue on
with their tomfoolery?
You already know the answer.

So then, in the middle of going back and forth
on this rather narrow platform, the jerkBoy
pulls out a lighter and starts flicking it,
even though it never quite lit.
And the jerkGirl tries to grab it from him.
More rough housing, and grabbing and
screaming and laughing. Still no train.
More annoyed looks by every adult
within earshot. Yet, more ignoring
the youth by same adults.

Then jerkBoy takes the lighter, grabs jerkGirl's sweater
and starts tryin to flick the flame while holding it to the material.
The flame doesn't spark, so the material doesn't catch fire,
and jerkGirl swings on the boy and tries/fails to grab the lighter.
but then jerkBoy grabs her by the sweater again
and flicks the lighter with delight in trying to see if it will, indeed, catch flame.

And that's what did it.
THAT'S when I was like,
"Ay, yooo, wait a minute, furreal? Put that away!"

he ignores me. She laughs.
he continues flicking the lighter.
i'm oblivious to him. a nobody. certainly
no one he should acknowledge, let alone, listen to.

"Ay, what are you tryin to do? Nobody in here
is trying to get hurt by your fire. Put that away!"

he ignores me.

"Put your lighter away!"

jerkGirl laughs.
jerkBoy steps to the edge of the platform and spits a loogie onto the tracks.

I guess if he was really feelin' himself, he would have spit at me? I don't know. but at least he stopped with that lighter bullsh!t

Not only playing with a lighter in the subway station full of people at 5:50 in the afternoon, but actively trying to start a fire on a garment worn by your little girlfriend...... That's just sick.
like i said, i'm not one to be up in nobody's face, especially these crazy-butt-kids.

but, sometimes, i guess you just gotta go with the feeling and understand that what you say, if even in the smallest, undetectable measure, will somehow make a difference in the situation.

MEANWHILE, i wish a kid WOULD hold a lighter up to my sweater and start flickin' the flame.... it'd be straight LIGHTS OUT.

Somebody git' mah BELT.

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The Urban Aesthetic said...

Well, since I'm not one for being set on fire, I'm glad you said something. Cause I'm quite sure I would have also. I'm the 'LOOK ALL STRANGE, SMACK LIPS, ROLL EYES' at Tom Foolery. I am also the 'COMMENT TO THE TOM FOOLS THAT I'M NOT TRYNA BURN IN A SUBWAY INFERNO' type person. I'm always in my business unless their business intrudes on mine in some annoying way. And I'm pretty sure fire is annoying.