Thursday, December 03, 2009

you can't want

it for someone else. whatever "it" may be.

if they don't want it,
if they can't figure it out,
if they aren't sure why,
if it's not enough for them,

you do want it and
you have figured it out and
you are sure why and for
you it is enough,

whatever "it" is,

then "it" becomes canceled out,
now doesn't it.

does it?

regardless, you can't want it for anyone else.
they've got to want it for themselves.
or you've got to stop wanting it.

(there may be a third "or" involved, something less definitive, absolute, and more gray area than the two aforementioned black and white "or's." but that third "or" continues to make things complicated, involving keeping a burning vigil of hope that perhaps deep down there is gestating the realization of that distinct "want."

for most people, it's sound and most logical to ignore that particular "or".... and every now and again you have a strange bird who understands all three and chooses the third.)

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