Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What a Lovely Day! I (heart) Bill Withers!

So, I'm really excited because I saw a FABULOUS documentary last night on the life and times of one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of our time, Bill Withers. The film is called Still Bill
and was independently made by a couple of fimmakers, one of whom is a young black man that I know from where I attended grad school. Even though the film is not available to see in regular theaters, what's wonderful is that the filmmakers have made the opportunity available for the general viewing public to host screenings of the documentary. Since I've returned home from seeing it tonight, I've been kind of brainstorming in my mind how I can get a screening of the film jumping off in some of the various venues I'm affiliated because it's more than just a movie about a musician, but a piece on dignity, triumph, late blooming success, and how we can approach choices in our lives.

I can't wait to see where I can get a screening going!!!!

Still Bill Trailer from B-Side Entertainment!

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