Thursday, December 03, 2009

what happens

when the love of your life decides he's going to leave, for his own benefit,
yet so much of the life you live hangs in the balance
of the time you cherish spending in that love?

a love on which you prefer to spend
all of your time currency?

does life just move on without it?
do you feel a phantom companionship once they've packed up and gone for good?
do you hope they'll return, even before they've left?

or do you accept that everything has a course to run,
and maybe this is finally nearing the finish line?
as you were supposed to have kept in mind all along?

or that maybe, just maybe, it'll be this good
with somebody else? (even. if. i don't want to
think about somebody else.)



(stabling sigh)

this present means so much to me. it's all we have.

it's all we have.
the present, and the gift of memories known as the past.

i have today, and i have a past.

i just don't know what to think about the future regarding this one.

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