Saturday, October 10, 2009

sometimes it takes a great deal of effort

sometimes it's challenging
sometimes it's painful
sometimes there are too many questions
and too few answers
sometimes what you desire is within reach but not at all within grasp

and sometimes
it's just life taking place just as it should
and if you wait a few more hours, days, years, you'll see that it's not
as challenging
as painful
as many unanswered questions or unfulfilled desires as there were before.

it's really in how you decide to view the time/moments passing. and, yes, it takes a great deal of effort to decide that you WILL process this positively, but that usually determines the difference in how things continue to manifest and unfold.

so much of surviving is in how you decide to mentally (and spiritually) process things. isn't it?

yet so much affects how we are able to mentally process things. we are such delicate beings. even in being strong physically, there is something so fragile about life and our capacity to meander through it. and there are all of these decisions that have to be made....

[i was going to say more, but it's getting a bit convoluted so, i'm gonna leave it for now.]

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