Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more encouragement, when i really need it. (bonus)

from daddy:

I was looking at the Gordon Parks' "Half Past Autumn" book that I bought you. I happened to read the dedication that I wrote. I am sending it to you. It may encourage you about now.

To Maisha

The Lord blessed me when He gave me you. You will always have my heart. I look at you and I am filled with love and pride. I appreciate your many talents, but, I love you, the person: My daughter. I hope this book will serve as continued inspiration for your creativeness. As the years come and go, continue to learn. Continue to grow as a person. Stay rooted and grounded in a sincere love for the Lord and His Word. Always temper your creativity, knowledge and accomplishments with love, gentleness and kindness so as not to get caught up in pride. Stay curious and always look for ways to express your thoughts (That’s all creativity is). Writer, dancer, singer, poet, artist, photographer, graphic artist, thinker and so on…..

Seems to me that you are already a RENAISSANCE LADY!!!

I love you,


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