Tuesday, October 27, 2009


(from that dude i can't get enough of...)

he responded "....or you could choose to be indomitable you..."

"indomitable" me. an adjective i don't think i've ever quite heard in reference to me specifically. so i decided to look it up.


strong, unconquerable, resolute, determined, stubborn, tough, spirited, doughty, invincible; incapable of being subdued or vanquished; someone strong, brave, determined and difficult to defeat or frighten. unbeatable, steadfast, obstinate, insurmountable, resolute, unruly, wild; someone or something indomitable cannot be easily dominated; not easily discouraged; unyielding.

i thought about these words. surely i am some of them. on occasion i'm all of them. and, on occasion, i'm none of them.

but, in this instance, am i being indomitable?

well, usually time tells these sort of things, but... it's what i purpose.

so, i'm glad he decided to remind me of it tonight.

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