Saturday, October 10, 2009

and as if that wasn't enough disappointment for one day

somehow, my phone got away from me, yet again this evening. somewhere between the laundrymat, Rite Aid next door to it, and the short bus ride home, i seem to have lost my phone. (sigh.... i should be used to it by now, but i was just congratulating myself not too long ago on having kept up with it for so many months now.) i sent a text message asking that if it is found to please email or call me (i have an old faithful replacement from a few years ago that is hanging on by a thread.) my contract with verizon ends in about two months and so i can either re-up with them and get a new phone now, or wait until my contract ends and get a new phone with another company at the end of december. i didn't anticipate having to make the decision now, and maybe JUST MAYBE if the person who finds it is willing to contact me, i'll have my current one back. besides my lil data card is in there, and there are plenty of pics i didn't want to lose... though i may have already downloaded them to my computer. anyway. still sux. when i got off the bus i had a strong urge to turn back to see if i'd left my metrocard, and even thought of running after the bus if necessary. but i felt my pocket and it was there, so i kept walking. i guess that was my spirit telling me to turn back for my phone. ................ah. life.

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