Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One year later.

Today is September 22nd. In addition to being the first day of the new season, it marks one year that Cheryl has gone to be with the Lord.

One year, already; time flew, didn't it.
It's still a very strange thing to understand/accept, that she's really not here with us,
and so much has changed for her family since she's left... but what can you do? But carry on.
Carry on...

So, today, I'm wishing and hoping,
praying that her family is carrying on

in the best possible way,
despite the remnants of a heartbreaking tragedy,

and the waves of uncertainty
that continue to ripple throughout their lives.
And that, as God is their center,
he is also their joy
in sorrow
even if it is
a different kind of joy.

I miss you, Shay. At some point of each day, you cross my mind. Every time I'm home, it seems abnormal that I go by the restaurant and you aren't there. I've even considered not visiting because I know the void is so significant, but when I end up there, the time spent with Dee and Ms. Nel is therapeutic and necessary. I love them dearly, and I am blessed to keep the connection alive....... I suppose since it's been a year already I should be ready to delete your number from my phone.... but, I just can't bring myself to do it yet. There's something comforting about seeing your name there, even if I now I'll never dial the number again.


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