Sunday, September 13, 2009

El trece de septiembre

de este año
is coming to close.

it's strange to me
how each year 913
approaches, arrives, and departs
with little to no fanfare on your part.
any mention of its significance as it relates to you
goes without response, almost as if
it should not be brought up.
(which, by the way, never really keeps me
from bringing it up. or
acknowledging the celebration in order,
even if in the most reserved of ways.)

lord knows there is a month of festivities for my 416--
coast to coast shindigs, musical soirees...
family, friends and all others encouraged to join in
boisterously planned and impromptu happenings in the name of
my life having gained another notch of a year.
every year.

and yet,
in an opposite manner,
there's something almost sacred
about the guardedness with which you reserve
for your own day.

who am i
to think that celebration is NOT taking place
just because there are no
candles, confetti or confections with your name on it?
there is something to be said about personal reflection
of one's life on their birthday, and also about
choosing to do whatever it is you want to do
on THAT day, even if there is no measurable
(read: outward) expression of celebrating.

all of that to say:

today, i hope that celebration found you, in it's own precious way. and may this new year hold blessings and success in more ways than you can count. and that the things you are ready for come to you, and the rest comes in its own timing. and that the peace of God is always with you.

it means a great deal that i could spend a lively afternoon with you (in celebration, as far as i'm concerned.)

with love.

ps. for the record, i really thank God for your presence in my life. there are so many things in my life that ARE because of you... are better. are repaired. are understood. are humane. are comfortable. are sincere. are hilarious. are just the way they are supposed to be.

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