Friday, June 12, 2009

what if proposals went like this:

"like, can we hang out and take long walks and watch cartoons and movies and youtube videos or whatever and listen to old school music or breakbeat electronica or house or jazz and can we get late night takeout or create interesting meals to share and eat pie and help one another out by fixing things or loaning things or offering sound advice or working out together and giving a massage afterward, and can you laugh at my jokes if i laugh at yours and listen to my stories if i listen to yours or support my interests and talents if support yours and can we pray together and study together and share what we know about any given thing with one another if the other doesn't know about it and can we kiss one another and hold each other and dance and tickle each other and try to keep each other from snoring and find ways to make one another smile that only we know about and can we just BE easy and care for one another and live in a comfortable space with lots of room and lots of sunlight and a california king sized bed or a hammock... for as long as both shall live? like nothing more or nothing less, unless you want more or less and if so can we still care for and love one another like every day and every week and every year of our lives, just for fun??? like, is that cool with you?"

...see, if proposals went like that, it'd be really easy to say, "well, of course, silly! that's what we've BEEN doing anyway....."

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