Friday, May 15, 2009

Life (Here's to Waymon Tisdale and to Shay)

I was a very sad earlier this week because Tuesday was Shay Shay's 31 birthday, and of course she's not here to celebrate it with us. I miss her very much... but I ended up having the most celebratory Tuesday night with friends old and new down in the village, full of good music and great joy, and I dedicated that fullness of joy to her.

Then, today I get wind of Waymon Tisdale's passing at the age of 44 from a cancerous cyst that was diagnosed two years ago and caused an amputation of his leg nine months ago... I am, again, sad to hear of his passing, but when I watched these two videos on his life, the LIFE, the JOY, the SMILE, the MUSIC, the PASSION, I couldn't feel anything but inspiration and joy in how he chose to live before and DURING his tragic diagnosis. The same with Shay, she lived a full life until the day she left. This is how I purpose to live as well...

I don't believe in living each day as if it's your last.. I believe in living each day as if it is your FIRST. There's an adage that says, "It's never as good as the first time..." and if you allow each day to be as good as the first time, then every day should blow your mind! Here's to being alive.

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