Saturday, April 18, 2009


khadi and antonio are getting married in a few hours, and i couldn't be more encouraged by the love and life they share with one another. their lovechild rita will be here in a few weeks too, and i can't wait to help welcome her into the world. i ended up spending the day with the both of them, first twisting and styling antonio's locks for the wedding, then spending the rest of the afternoon with khadi, her mom and aunt finding last minute must-haves for her wedding ceremony look. mainly shoes, she definitely needed the shoes... and the flowers, big beautiful white lillies! and i was there to help her pull it all together. i kinda felt like her standin maid-of-honor, especially since her own sister was stuck on the road with her family coming from maryland. but it was a joy and a privilege to help khadiboom pull it all together for her special day. they're getting married in central park at 10am and the reception is to be held at an ethiopian restaurant on the upper west side. they are so precious together, khadi and antonio. he is the first person i met when i moved to nyc, and she and i have hit it off since meeting about a yr or so ago. and they fit well, both have a sense of decency and integrity that is necessary in building a life with someone. i love how well they fit together. so i wish them the best life for what the two of them have chosen. it's come together quite lovely as of now. with the baby on the way and their life as a family official, what more could they ask for at this point, other than to be able to take care of their family as a unit in the best possible, loving way. and so, that is my prayer for the taylordangerfields on this day.

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