Saturday, March 14, 2009


tonight was one of those nights i live for, but no longer question if or when they may pop up. my goal for some time has been to not question the things i will not get immediate answers to or fully understand (i.e. my turn at unmistakeable love). for me, not seizing this moment wasn't an option because i cherish each moment i get to spend with this person; the one lucky chap i'd choose to chill indefinitely with on a deserted island, that had no wireless or cell phone coverage, and would totally be content (even if i'm fairly certain that i'm not the person he'd choose). some things will never change. so, we unexpectedly spent a few hours together, and took a casual meander down the city streets, in our grand tradition. and it was comfortable and familiar. yet at the forefront of my mind was a cautionary tickertape that reminded me "it's just this moment, and this moment will end when i reach nassau street*. i.e. soon and very soon, this moment will end. whereas the moment in and of itself is a welcomed encore from the evening, there will be no encore to this moment. prepare for the goodbye. that will be it." so. this is me. happy for the moment. and that's where it ends. (because i get in trouble if it doesn't end when the moment does. but that tickertape will keep me in reality check. i hope.)

*broadway/nassau is the last subway stop in manhattan where you can jump on the A to brooklyn.

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