Tuesday, February 10, 2009

so life is taking place

i've just been too tired or busy or lazy to write about it lately. but strange things are happening. wonderful things are happening. progressive things are happening. and funny things are happening. and i'm ever thankful that they are. so... let's see how they continue to unfold as the winter season SPRINGs to an end!!! (eventually...)


i just had one my many great heart2hearts with daddy. i'm glad i got him & he got me.

anyway, back to life (nutshells):

i love my classes at csi this semester and my students love me.
i kinda want to do a degree in AfrAmStudies now because of my AALit class.
i kinda feel like if i don't, that will be alright too.
(thanks to friends and loved ones) ella is near completion,
then it's on to the REAL beginning.
i have like 105 ideas swarming in my brain... focus focus focus,
something's gotta give.
an occassional hair client turned into a weekly,
so score! bonus!
my skin is the clearests its looked in years.
i'm finally not *in love w/any boys right now, but a couple of them like me.
or so they say. go figure.
i don't spend enough time with any one man to be worried about it.
february 14th will just be two days after payday as far as I'm concerned.
and that's cool.
i still think my biological clock is ticking backwards.
not sure if i want a 30th birthday bash.
would love to forego it altogether
if it means i can travel internationally.
but i probably can't so
i'll probably still end up doing a bash come 416.
i'm really happy to be leaving the 20s behind.
looking forward.

the beginning...

(ps i just had a really tasty pb&j sandwich. i comment on it because for the past two months or longer i've been eating this sugarless jelly that i wanted to try to see if i could have the same peanutbutter&jelly'sammich goodness with the sugarfree. NO, you can't not. every sandwich was a sad occasion where a tribute was made in respects to a pb&j sammich with REAL jelly, high glucose corn syrop and all...! so, i just had my first real pb&JELLY sandwich in like a month. and mmmMMMmmm, it was so. good. i want another one, but there's only two slices of bread yet, and since it's 3am i'll save those two slices in case i want a sammich in the morning.)

* though i wonder if you really ever do fall out of love with someone who feels so right.

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