Wednesday, February 11, 2009

serendipity, happenstance, or mere coincidence?

which is it?

when you run into a person you love,
(or at least used to
and probably still do
only you're not allowed to anymore
so you say that you're not
even though you think that only works
if you really are NOT) just hours
after thinking of them so much
because you miss them
so much, only you're not allowed
to say it because they "don't feel"
the same way. but you do.
(you definitely do.)
and because you do,
you'll think of them even if you don't say you are
anymore. then you see them
in passing? the very day
you thought of them?
is it a coincidence?

what if
one says, well you'd most likely
run into that person because you were
at a place where that person most likely would be.
but then you counter, but i didn't know what time of day
he'd be here, i just happened to be here at the time
i needed to be, and then he managed to be here at that exact time.
is that happenstance? or were we supposed to meet?

what if
you were in that same place and thought,
maybe i'll see him here again this time,
and you look around and he's not there
because, of course neither of you have made plans
to meet, you barely even speak anymore.
so you're wishing to see him there at that time
because you miss him and it was so nice the last time
you happened into one another, but it's just a wish in the wind
because he's definitely not there.
and then you go on about your day, letting the wish float away.
stopping to grab a snack. eating the snack by the river. then
pausing to decide if you're gonna hop on the train to go home,
or take in the day with a thirty block stroll in the direction of your
next meeting in a few hours. then deciding to go on
and take the stroll. what if you start strolling
and instead of taking the route that would put you
closer to the avenue where your meeting will be you decide
to stroll up the biker's path that parallels the river
just because you prefer to walk along the water and
it felt right to take that path,

and about twenty minutes into your stroll
as you sing "killing me softly with his song",
he pulls up along side you on his bike?
seemingly just as amazed as you are
that yet again your paths have
"inadvertently" crossed...

is that serendipity?

i don't know.
i'm just saying.

who is really making this happen?

i'm just a little confused.
my life is the stuff movies are made of.

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