Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You gotta appreciate an email

from a man who knows how to express what he feels about you... even if it's merely in friendship.

One of the most precious emails I've gotten from a man reads as follows:

"You know, that semester when we met was my second semester there... and I didn't start enjoying SLC until that semester. And it was all because of those walks to the train station with you. I think I might have fallen in love with you a little bit during those walks... in a safe and clean but tender way. I miss those walks..."

The love he speaks of is purely phileo (despite race and ethnicity and social and cultural and political and spiritual differences), and I truly understand what he's talking about. I love falling for people in this way. Loving the essence of a person just for who they are. It doesn't happen with everyone, but tends to take place when an unexpected kinship occurs with the most unlikeliest of persons in the most unlikeliest of situations. Which is what developed with this very friend and I when we studied at Sarah Lawrence College and inevitably had to hike about a mile to the station and ride the train back to the city together every day after class. Had we not met at school or even both needed to come back to the city, it's unlikely we would have become such good friends and confidantes during that time. Between his character, conversation and his writing, he really became a part of positive experiences and cherished memories I have from SLC. I don't know that I knew to what degree I'd made an impact on him, but me being me, I tend to be in the dark about the impact I'm making on a guys' life sometimes, it appears, until years later when they feel the need to express their gratitude for me having been there at that time. When all along, I was just being whimsical ole me enjoying them in the moment.

Anyway, this is the second time this month I've gotten such a precious revelation, and I can dig it. I may actually need to hear it at this moment, so I give thanx for the sharing of true feelings. Cause Lord knows I share mine enough!

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