Friday, January 02, 2009


So happy to see we made it.

nye was pleasant. a lot of champagne and alpha punch (the host is a-phi-a), soul food and pah-tay-ta pie, karaoke and sh!t-talking, and straight up laughing all while ringin' in the new year!!!! So, apparently, when there's electronic score tabulation involved in the home-entertainment version of karaoke, it's necessary for each karaokeist to talk as much *smack* as they can while trying to beat the high score of the next karaokeist! And It's SERIOUS bid'ness! i'll be happy to say that (as least while everyone from the party was there) I maintained the high score of 86 points by singing (get this) THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER!! How random... I wasn't even looking to sing that song especially when I came out the gate with Bohemian Rhapsody, but I got a 64! And when people, professional singers and all, kept getting low scores like 65s and 67s from BLOWING on songs like SWV's "Weak" and other R&B greats, we figured this karaoke system must be on some other stuff (like diction and singing each word IN time). No room for sangin' like you on the gig if you want the high score!! No riffs, no improv, just sing the song straight. So this cat ended up getting an 85 by singing "Easy Like Sunday Morning" and was allllllll up in everyone elses face like "WHAT! WHAT!!! 85 BABY! Go somewhere with all this SINGING business! Booo-yah!" And of course folks were salty! So That's when I was like "Watch out! I'm gonna beat YOU and your 85!! Move! Gimme the mic!!" So I was planning to sing "IRONIC" (by Alanis Morissette)! But when I couldn't find "Ironic" his constant gum-bumping got so under my skin I picked the first song I could find that I absolutely knew, THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER! So I sing the joint and by the time I get to "And the hoooommmeee of the BRAAAAVVEEEE!" The score comes up as 86, ONE POINT from his Easy 85 and the whole room erupted!!!! "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHE BLASTED YOU SON! SHE GOT YOU! SHE GOT YOU!!! SIT DOWN 85, STAND UP 86!!" So then, he had the NERVE to be like "YO! I'LL SING THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER AND BEAT YOUR SCORE!!!!" What! Come on dude, are you serious! He was seriously about to battle me on the Star Spangled Banner???!!!! THE NERVE! So we punch in #0299 and he starts singing with the music.... WHY he get an 84! Two points less than me, AND one point less than his own high score! So for the rest of the night he was 84!!! "84! SIT DOWN!" HAHAHHAH OHHHH that was sooo much fun!! Everyone had sumn to say! Even the non karaokers had all kind of comments and clowns to add to the mix! hahahhaha

So, well after 84 and his people had made their exit for the evening (more like morning), a handful of us still kept tryin to beat our own personal high scores.. I don't think I got higher than 86, though Augi eventually made 88 or 89, and this other girl made 87... So I ended up not having the overall high score, but hey... who's counting! hee hee hee.... It's been like over a year since I've done karaoke and I had a BALL!

so, January oh-nine came on in in the most positive way.

i stayed under the covers for the remainder of 1/1, sleeping, watchin pbs, facebooking, reading, etc... talked to a few people, my parents, grandmothers, a new friend for about an hour, an old friend until his phone died (by then it was Jan 2nd). i knew i wasn't going outside though cause it was just a little bit more than 20 degrees, which is rediculously cold weather to be walking around in. right now it's 32 and lightly snowing according to my online weather update. so you can guess that i'm still under the covers. but i have a surprise bday party to attend in a few hours, so i'm gonna have to brave the elements and get there before the birthday boy, J-the-Genius! anyway, it's still a holiday weekend as far as I'm concered, but come monday it's back to the grind in some form or fashion. i either need to get cracking on these books i have to choose for the African American Lit class I'm supposed to teach for spring semester, OR i need to follow up with the interview I had before Christmas to see what's good with the inception of a completely new chapter of my life all together....

so. bonne annee, feliz y prospero an[y]o nuevo, happy new year, and..... hears to life unfolding favorably.

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