Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That Slumdog love be real.

I used my free-movie-Tuesdays to watch Slumdog Millionaire this evening.

(*Sigh* beautifully, painstakingly, heartbreakingly, love-prevailingly worth seeing. more than once. see it.)

So..........much like "eternal sunshine" it further embeds [in my mind] the notion that perhaps there really is no defense against a love that you genuinely feel is determined to be... if that torch is lit and your faith/hope refuses to let you extinguish or put it down, i guess you carry that joint forward until the closing scene and credits role. (or........ until. you realize you're not the main character of a written movie script. you realize you really are the only one carrying the torch. or you realize any number of other things that run the risk of extinguishing that torch in your grip.)

Well.... I say:
Long live {the love of} Jamal&Latika. and Joelly&Tangerine. Harry&Sally.
and whoever else has a shaky lovestory blooming in the most authentic of ways.

I tend to believe that art imitates life, anyway.

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