Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm officially crushing on Big Daddy Kane!!!

To the Honorable Tamir Brown & Lyrics To Go Fam!

Let me start by congratulating you all on the MONUMENTAL success of celebrating and honoring the legendary Big Daddy Kane’s “20 Years in the Game” last night at B.B. Kings!

Coming from an all around music-lover, including but not limited to Hip-Hop, to be in the building for such a musically historical moment was unprecedented! To see Kane perform all of his classics, from “Smooth Operator” to “I Get The Job Done” in his “I’m forty-years-old and still KILLIN’ THE GAME!!!” was to witness official Hip-Hop for grown folks (not to mention the progression of the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop) in a real way. I think I officially got a crush on Kane last night watching him rock the mic and straight groove like it was 1988! And who knew ALL the Juice Crew legends would be coming to stage: Biz Markie, Marley Marl! Eric B showing love! Swizz Beats looking like he was about to start tearing up while giving Kane props! TJ Swan singing all the old school hooks! Seeing Busta Rhymes and Ice T show love in the building! But what I found just as impressive was the fact that Kane chose to rock it with a LIVE BAND in collaboration with his two DJs! That always takes a show, Hip-Hop or otherwise, to another level as they did by playing James Brown/Big Daddy Kane mash-ups! Naturally, there is no Hip-Hop without James Brown! From “Say It Loud/I’m Black and I’m Proud” to bigging up how we’re all a part of Obama’s victory with “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”, Big Daddy Kane honored his twenty years and even more on that stage last night! I’m so pleased I got to witness it! That SOLD OUT crowd was glad to be a part of it! And I know that this success on your part is one of many that have taken place, and many more that will take place moving forward!



(then later on...!)
I was on such a high after the Big Daddy Kane show that I decided to try my hand at getting into the Blue Note to see my friends Soul Cycle play the late late show! The admission was $10, but I totally didn't have $10 to go into a show last night (even the Big Daddy Kane ticket was a hook-up thanks to Tamir!) But I was like, "I can either go home right now and sit in front of my computer... (which I spend a lot of time doing!) OR I can go down to the Blue Note and see if they'll let me in...!" So I get there about 12:30AM and the show hasn't started yet, and I ask what appeared to be the GM and the concierge if Soul Cycle was playing tonight (of course I already knew that they were!) They both say yes and that it was ten dollars to go in... I go, "Hmm, so I don't actually HAVE $10 but do you think I'd be able to stand and watch the show???" They're both like "Sorry, everyone has to pay admission.. which is $10." Now, I know for a fact that a) EVERYONE does not have to pay admission (otherwise, guestlists wouldn't exist), and that b) the GM reserves the right to let anyone in he darn well pleases! But I didn't press the issue. I just figured I'd stand out in the foyer until they let me in, or until the music started so I could get a little taste before I'd decided to leave. I mean, come on! It was a late late show that my friends were playing! So as I stood, a group of people started coming in, and one guy made small talk with me about the fact that he manufactures flyers and handbills, asking if I needed any made (really random, right!) I told him I didn't need any flyers, but I did however need $10 to go in and see the show! He smiled like, "Are waiting for someone to pay for you to come in?" I said, "No, I'm just waiting for the show to begin..." cause I was really waiting for WHATEVER was going to happen! So, he's like "Well, I hope you make it in..." and goes on through the door. Shortly thereafter, the GM is like, "Come on in and enjoy the show!" I'm like "Oh! OKAY!!! Thank you!!!" I didn't really know if he'd been listening and decided to let me in, or if the guy had paid for my admission, but I did hop my happy self right on through the door! And had even more of a ball than I did at the BDK show!!! I saw a handful of friends I hadn't seen in a while which is always love, and more importantly, I got to sit back and relax and breath in and be and DREAM those musical revelries I love so much, that make me the bizarre bird of paradise I am; who I love to be. There was one song they played, called Natural Light, and by the end of the song I actually had tears in my eyes. It really was where I needed to be and what I needed to hear at that very moment. Like always, the show ended way before I was ready for it to, but when I went to thank the GM for letting me in he said "No problem, baby! I know how it is. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself..." He don't even know the half. Between my heart2heart with Melissa (Tamir's girlfriend) earlier in the evening, experiencing Kane, then Soul Cycle, then coming home and getting a word of encouragement from one of my fellow Bisons, Miss Alta Cannady, the last 12 of the past 24hrs has really proven that even when you are feeling at your wits end, things can turn on a dime (if even for a few precious moments) and show you that you're very much still alive to live in the good times! Selah!

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