Monday, September 22, 2008

then came september

september has been creeping by so slowly
every other month, and even the summer
has seemed to whiz by.
then came september
and each day is taking its lazy time
to pass on by
and that's been quite alright with me.
i knew shay's baby was coming in september
so it was alright with me
that time was inching by
because that meant that
too much time had not passed
to call and wish her a congrats
"i have time to call her" i kept thinking
"it's too late to call her right now, she's probably sleeping.
it's only the middle of september. he probably came last week..
i have time to call her."

why didn't i just call?
i didn't even get to HEAR HER tell me
what it's like to be a mother, the mother of her baby.
i wanted to hear her tell me.
she wanted a baby for so long.
i wanted to hear everything she had to say
about finally having her baby boy.
we had a running joke,
"you call me!" she'd say,
"you know i'm bad with calling you back,
but you know that i love you. and i know
that i can count on you to call me.
so you call me!"

i knew the arrangement.
I was supposed to call HER.

i didn't call.

and deedee did. three hours ago.
and now this has been the longest three hours
of the longest september
of my life.

and because i didn't call
when i thought to call
even if it was too late
i will not get to hear what a bestFRIEND had to say
about having her baby.

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