Monday, September 22, 2008

(sigh) i should be sleeping now

i'm very tired and i have to be up
in about 5 and a half hours
for a two trek hr to work.
but i can't stop
thinking of shay.
right now.

she is an

she's done everything that i want to do.
that every girl wants to do.
in a very simple way.
with grace.
in the way SHE
was supposed to.
in thirty year's time.

she did the things that make life simply grand.
she married her first love
finished her degree in interior design
ran a business that she absolutely loved with her family
had a baby

love to shop... play golf.
it was like she got to experience retirement!

what's always been remarkable to me
is how she loved her family most
a close knit unit they are
mom, sister, aunt
they were always together, always.
and she was very much
a part of the thread, the glue
a portion of the family tapestry.

i love my life and my family. very much.
it's the life I HAVE to live. can't live anybody else's.
but i've always admired the cohesiveness
the togetherness, the oneness of the Wells family.
thank God they've been so close, because who knew
time would be so short. who, in their right mind,
would think time would be so short?

okay. i'm turning off my computer now.
as for my brain... we'll see if it goes into
standby for the next few hours
so i can sleep.

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Barbara Perkins said...


You are amazing! You are writing through your pain in volumes. Trust the Lord! He will heal the pain! Pray and study the word, you'll gain strength! Read Isaiah 40:10-13. Also hang out in Psalms for a while: Psalms 1, 18:1-36, 34, 36:5-11, 37, 40, and 91. I love you Doll and you know I am praying for your recovery.

Love you,