Tuesday, September 30, 2008

more of the same

....in 9th grade me and shay wrote this rap of romeo and juliet for an english class project, and for years i've only been able to remember the first couple of verses. and i just realized, it just dawned on me that i had every intention to ask her if she remembered the rest of it. because she and i were the only two that knew it, and we loooooved to do it (that joint was the bomb).... and i didn't ask her.... i know that's kinda dumb and insignificant at this point. it's just........ something i thought about like right now :\ i won't be getting the rest of our rap....

9th Grade Romeo and Juliet Project
(for Ms. Whatshernames Class)

It's the R
the O
the M
the E
the O
Oh oh is he crazy
with Julie and the Friar holl'in BAAAAY-BEH!

Here's a lil story of the show
about a girl named Juliet and her Romeo
you see he loved her and she loved him
but there really was no way for their love to begin
So sit back relax and listen to the rhyme
that we created with our G'd up minds

You see a long long time ago
there was a lil freak named Romeo
he went to the jam to get Rose off his mind
when he saw Juliet in the Soul Train line
When the jam was through Julie hopped to her pad
to let the world know he was feeling sad
'cause she couldn't get the digits from her Romeo
she didn't want his dough
she just loved him so
But there was another guy
with Juliet on his mind
PARIS -- conceited! He was one of a kind!

When Romeo and Juliet went to the Friar
Romeo told Juliet his heart's desire:
Oooo girl
I love you so
never never never gon' let you go
Once I get my hands on youuuu
Oooo girl
I love you so
never never never gon' let you go
I hope you feel the same way too
("Boy, I do!!!")

then nothing... i draw a blank everytime... i can't remember anything passed that point. I kept meaning to ask her if she remembered anything from the other parts we wrote together... i only remember the beginning of the story.. there was the whole play left that we'd translated with much skill, wit and precision.. we incorporated all these others nods and shout outs to the hip hop and r&b songs of the day (like Special K "I got a man/ What'cha man got to do with me/I got a man/I'm not try'na hear that see..." which was Juliet and Paris' dialogue, etc.) There was stuff about Mercutio and Tybalt.... and i just don't remember what it was.... (sigh.)

i got a lil teary earlier when i was in the kitchen fixing my food. i don't know what happened exactly, but it hit me like bricks AGAIN that i'm not to ever see her again (in this reality as i know it). I don't think about that a lot, cause when i think about it, it's still very unbelievable. i can hear her laugh, her voice and see her moving so clearly... see her hands, and her hair styled the way she wore it forever. It doesn't FEEL like she's gone. I've never lost a loved one THIS close. Not someone that was a regular part of my life. so this is wayyy too much sometimes. we had 17 years and as far as I'm concerned, we still are scheduled for fifty more years of friendship, laughs and good food, laughs, more memories to make. but whatever. i guess we do not. i have to get over this grieving part and really accept it. but... it... feels like.. she's just at home, doing what she does..... and i need to give her a call later this week.....

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