Friday, September 26, 2008

I believe

the Lord is sovereign. and has the ability to not make mistakes. and in life eternal beyond this existence.

(so why is the wind
is still knocked
out of

(no tears tonight. i can't promise that they've all gone. but i've been out with another dear loved one for a good majority of the day and night. and it was a good day. live music, and lots of candy and ice cream. but the sky is now weeping on my behalf........ i need to go to sleep.)

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Daddy said...

With a loss such as this comes sorrow and pain. With sorrow and pain comes tears. But, through the tears, with God and time, you will smile again. With fond memories of a friendship that is stronger than death, you will smile again. The smile will come from a deep and abiding love for a friend so dear...Still so near in your heart. You will smile again.