Sunday, August 24, 2008

whata weekend.

i'm dumb tired.

my travel schedule over the past 72 hours has been cuh-ray-zee.
i mean, why have itineraries when things turn out haywire!

seeing as how i normally stay up either all night before an early flight, or at least will get dressed and then take a couple of hours to "rest ready" before it's time to leave for the airport, i thought it'd be no problem staying up til 2:30am before my 6am flight on friday. HOWEVER, when i woke up friday morning wondering why i was soooo rested, i realized that while it was 9:15am i was more than an embarrassing THREE HOURS late for my flight. here i am copping zzz's and US Airways #3 was halfway to cali. think back to the infamous macaulay culkin "home alone" scream and you'll know how i was feeling. now grant it, though i knew it was solely and completely my own fault, i immediately called us air to ask "what my options are after having missed my flight???" you see, this weekend my family celebrated my grandmother, Mommae's 85th birthday! the same grandmother who called me, balling in tears minutes before i was leaving my parents' home to move to New York City in 2004, because one of her favorites was moving so far away again. and this was the birthday celebration of the year. people coming from near (los angeles) and far (the bay area, arkansas, maryland, BROOKLYN). a nice banquet dinner by the water in Ports'o'Call San Pedro, with commemorative presentations. a talent show featuring family talents including poetry, song, comedy and dance (of which my dad and i was a part!) i mean soooo much and much, much more was going on this weekend, and here i was still in brooklyn wondering how in the heck i was gonna reach cali in time to be where i was supposed to be. to miss the plane was one thing, to have missed the weekend would've been unacceptable.

so while i had us airways on the case, of course i had about six firefox windows opened on my laptop screen looking for the best (read: cheapest) one way fare out of the greater new york metropolitan area that would be reaching cali before saturday august 23rd! us airways is like "well, i can get you on a flight out of laguardia but you'll stop in columbus, oh and..." he lost me as soon as he said "and"! AND... columbus AND SOMEWHERE, are you serious? and to go even further, the two-layover flight was priced somewhere above $600. i said, "i've heard enough, thank you, but NO." so he said he' credit my account for $170 to be used within 1 year and i told him i'd find a ticket online, thank you very little. And i did. thanx to Airtran, one of my favorite, dependable low cost carriers, i found an affordable ticket for less than half of what mr. us airways was tryin to sell me, with one lil 45min stop in the A! i probably wouldn't have minded if it were longer than an hour because my girl Aisha was actually in atlanta visiting another girlfriend kacee and her fambam, and i would've called them to come scoop me for a cocktail or sumn if i was staying longer than two hours. but i digress... not only was there a short 45min layover, but we landed in los angeles about 20mins ahead of schedule, and it was all to the good when my folx scooped me up. we went straight to my granny's for a late dinner with family that had arrived in town a little before me, and had a barrel of laughs. the good times were rolling!

MEANWHILE, i knew i was NOT going to be missing my flight back to new york. not if bobbajean had anything to do with it (although she and the rest of the erby girls-including Mommae- got a good ole laugh at my expense over my missed flight yet being "well rested"!!!) so after a good ole Looooosiana shrimp'n'grits champagne brunch at my aunt's house this afternoon (courtesy of my favorite uncle from Naw'lins, Uncle Milton), we stopped at one more aunt's house before it was time for me to get to long beach airport and get ready for take off. matterfact, i had checked in online and printed my boarding passes and er'thang, chilling ret'ta'GO.... when my phone rang.... (actually i was leaning on my daddy's shoulder taking a quick lil cat nap when the phone rang) and i saw this 562 area code not knowing who in the heck was calling.. and wouldn't you know it, Delta airlines was calling me asking if i'd like to change my 6pm long beach-salt lake cit-jfk flight to a 9pm direct flight out of los angeles international arriving at jfk at 6am. i woke right up, "hunh? you say what now???" i needed to get this straight! whereas i was already checked in to my 6pm flight, a flight i'd been dreading since purchasing the ticket months ago because of the three hour layover time in salt lake city, already checked in with boarding passes in hand, NOW Delta decided to call me, lil ole ME to offer a direct flight that would leave later and get me into new york city earlier. HEECCCKKKK YEAH I'll make that change, Donna! (or whatever her name was.) I was soooooooooo happy and thanking God all the same. blessings, yo! blessings in disguise. apparently they overbooked the flight, which is not something new for Delta. i've been privy to the madness of realizing, while AT THE GATE, that the flight is overbooked and now they're trying to bribe people with travel vouchers to get on a later flight. and i am always the one to volunteer to take said voucher, please and thank you! i'll fly later if later on i can fly for FREE! anway, i suppose someone down in compliance, or whatever dept that determines how to run the company more cost effectively, came up with the brilliant idea to call travelers before they leave or are en route to the airport to see if they'll accept an itinerary change on an overbooked flight. especially if it's a better travel arrangement all together for the travelor, as was the case with me. so i was so happy to accept the joint, i didn't even enquire if there was any other perks involved with switching (ie a voucher as well! hey, if you don't ask you don't get....) but i didn't care, i'm not always trying to be greedy (mostly only when there's good food or sweet kisses involved). anwya, i'm tired and i want to get home as soon and quickly as i possible. and for me, that means NO LAYOVERS.

so i'm actually typing this post from my parents' crib in los angeles where it's 6:36pm pacific standard, thankful that i am not on my way to salt lake city.

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