Monday, August 11, 2008

this is not FLY! part deux.

So my flat mates downstairs, a brother and sister, were nice enough to come up and help me source some of the problem of THE SMELL and offered any other help if they could be of service. They also suggested something that I've been trying to avoid for the past four years: getting A CAT. They said having a cat around would unequivocally cut down on rodent problems, as few as mine are. Apparently the mere presence of Tom prevents Jerry from even coming on the scene...

I call myself not liking kitties that well. I can dig the baby ones, who doesn't like a cute kitten. But I'm often allergic to the ones with lots of dander from the hair, and I've often heard stories that they sometimes regurgitate stuff, and stuff. ICK! Plus food and kitty liter and whatever else comes with having a cat, NOT TO MENTION the whole getting used to one another process.. With a baby kitten you have train them not to pee on your stuff or whatever.... I like the theory of having a cat, but dag, i don't know if i'm ready for that kind of commitment! (Kinda like me and guys, they like having me around but apparently the commitment is too much to seriously consider!)

Anyway.... stay tuned. maybe there's a reasonable to happy ending with this. The good news is that the smell seems to be lessening... either that, or I'm GETTING USED TO IT. YUCK! Nevertheless, I'm bout to mop. I'd rather smell bleach and/or 409 than febreeze and stench!

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Eric said...

in the fly community, August 11, 2008 will be forever known as the "Mai Fly Massacre." but you did what you must.

also, i'd say don't get the cat. you should love/want a cat for its inherent catness (beyond kittenhood) and not just as a rodent cop. there are other ways to attack the problem (for instance, a friend of mine who once had a similar issue plugged up every crack and crevice with steel wool and cement).

stay strong!