Thursday, August 14, 2008

say wha??? (ignorant statement of the day)

So, I'm on the C train riding back to BK after an afternoon meeting, and I pull out the latest issue of Essence that I received in the mail a few days ago. Flipping through the pages I eventually end up on the article featuring the Obama family at home. Since I was skimming the mag, I didn't intend to stop and read that article just yet, but as I'm flipping through the pages, the 40-something-aged black woman sitting next to me leans over and says:

"They sho' look light..."

Not understanding (or caring) what she was referring to, I said "Hunh..." as I kept turning the pages.

"Those girls sho' look like they getting lighter and lighter... they used to be dark."

By this time I couldn't believe she was trying to have this conversation with me on the train, and though I probably should've responded to enLIGHTen her of the ignorance, I didn't feel like talking to her. SO I kept flipping the pages. Yet she continued:

"Seem like folk always start getting lighter when they get some money..."

By the time she said this, I had flipped completely through the article and was into the next one, wishing she'd stop talking to me. I mean are you serious? Since when do Sasha and Malia look LIGHTER than they've always looked? (Not to mention, though I ain't never seen them up close, i've never even THOUGHT ABOUT them having a light or dark complexion.) And just because Obama's campaign is reaching unparalleled heights in fundraising, does that put his daughters (more?) at risk for being susceptible to either becoming lighter in complexion or appearing lighter in print media? I'm fully aware of certain ads or fashion spreads where the subject tends to look noticeably lighter than they may or may not be. Usually those [grown women] have some kind of sex kitten persona and blond, straightened hair [read: Beyonce, Lil' Kim]. And I've heard of skin lightening cream and suppose, since it exists, someone must have been or is using it somewhere [read: Michael Jackson]. However, I'd wager money that Sasha and Malia Obama are not being subject to skin lightening, physical, digital, or otherwise.

in other news, i was happy to hear an old man playing Isaac Hayes "Black Moses" on his boom box in the park when I came out of the train.

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dgcollage said...

ignorance running rampant!