Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life is a parade! If you let it...

So I decided to go down to SuperFoodTown and redeem some of the 7000+ "points" I've accumulated for groceries and such, and figured I'd walk home instead of waiting for the bus. On the walk home, I noticed two bald headed brothas standing on the street and thought "Dag, that looks like Hope.. but Hope lives in the Atl...." Just as the thought crossed my mind I realized that it was in fact Hope and my other boy Fuse. Both are prolific t-shirt designers and artists, and it was real random that they were standing out on Fulton Ave in front of the pizza joint. So we greet one another and get all the Whata'gwan's out of the way, and I'm like "So, why y'all hangin on Fulton Avenue on a saturday afternoon???" Turns out they were waiting for the Universal Hip Hop Parade because more of our friends were going be coming down the parade route in a tricked out RV marketing some new product. They were like, "You ain't doing nothing, stick around for the parade!" So of course I said, What they hey, afterall none of the stuff I'd gotten at the store was gonna melt if I stayed out for a few more hours. So we walked up about a block or two to meet the RV and Tamir was like "HOP IN!!!!" So the boys and I hopped in (granny cart in tow) and I grabbed the RBG flag and was ready to get my PARADE on!!!!

I mean I LOOOOVVEEE hanging out of windows greeting people and waving flags! Makes me feel good, especially when someone is looking all hard and uninviting, then they see me waving at them and they totally melt into a smile and wave back. It's that mutual acknowledgment, consideration and respect that I love to get out of people. It's the way it aught to be. So yeah.. I guess I was at the right place at the right time... but if nothing else this totally counts as my new thing for the month of August.

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