Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And so, it's REALLY OFFICIAL now...

So, in a strange and exciting turn of events, it appears that I will be entering the classroom this semester, not as a high school English teacher with the NYC Teaching Fellowship, but as a COLLEGE ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR with two schools here in NY!!! CUNY College of Staten Island and Berkeley College at White Plains!! Now for the geographically challenged, Staten Island and White Plains could not be further away from one another on the map, especially considering that White Plains is not even IN New York City but close to the last stop of the Harlem Line Metro North commuter train in Westchester. But that's aiight!! I'm bout to be a PROFESSOR!! Well... somewhat of a professor, a quasi-professor, if you will (cause you have to have a Ph.D in order to have official Professor status.) But I'M SAYIN, YO! I'm going to college! As a TEACHER!! DAG!

When I tell you that this is soooooooo unexpected, Buh'leeeev'dat! Man, I mean even as recently as a month ago I wasn't sure if I'd even be doing the Teaching Fellowship, though I had a feeling I'd be accepted. But everyone knows that I was not really feeling the idea of becoming a high school teacher. I don't have time to explain what all the anxiety is coming from, but you know, it just wasn't sitting right with me. Well, as it turns out, whereas I was only entertaining conversations from a couple of close friends and associates about why I SHOULD take the gig, I recently had a conversation with a loved one where I was not able to filter and justify doing the fellowship primarily for security reasons when I'm obviously psychologically opposed to the idea (for the record, I had long come to the same conclusions he had, I just wasn't entertaining that train of thought because I didn't think I had any immediate alternatives.) The next day, during a chat session or something, he was like, "So why don't you just got teach at a college?" I'm like "Yeah RIGHT, Like it's that easy! Like I haven't applied to teach at colleges in NYC for the past two years..." Meanwhile, by late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, I was like "Okay, so I didn't get an offer to teach in '06 or '07... Why not apply again this year??" And I stayed up alllllllllllll night applying to 33 schools in the greater NYC area.

Well... (i'm really tired now, so I'm gonna cut this story short) basically by Monday morning Berkeley had expressed interest, followed by Staten Island on Tuesday, got an offer from both, and Wednesday morning I accepted both! So what would be great is if I heard back from one more school, preferably a CUNY, so that I can really be making a nice sum of money this semester and I'll be straight! But if not, I'll have a good portion of my weekdays left to make something happen.

So I just got in from the library picking up a couple of books to possibly use as textbooks for Berkeley, and I'm off to the College of Staten Island sometime tomorrow to fill out my HR forms.

I can hardly believe it's jumping off like this.... but, IT IS! my friends, it is!

Oh yeah, in terms of the teaching fellowship, it seems that they're going to allow me to defer my enrollment into the program until June 2009. By then I should be able to know determine if I REEEAAAALLLLYYYY want to do it or REEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLYYYY want to walk away!

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