Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm tired

of being tired....

but. it's been a good week. between ny and cali, cali and ny, seeing fam in l.a., mom and niece visiting in bk, and everything we got into over four days... then being up and at cuny csi for a 8am class (even though i got there 30 mins late), then later watching the wiz in the park across the street, then even later on going out with one of my favorite people in this world and getting in at 5am in the midst of torrential rains... i should still be sleeping. matterfact, i'm going back to sleep. as soon as i eat.

i'm so tired.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Patti LulaBelle (as Mister Gaines would say)

meanwhile, i'm so tired i don't even know if'n i'ma try to make it to wingate field tomorrow night...

whata weekend.

i'm dumb tired.

my travel schedule over the past 72 hours has been cuh-ray-zee.
i mean, why have itineraries when things turn out haywire!

seeing as how i normally stay up either all night before an early flight, or at least will get dressed and then take a couple of hours to "rest ready" before it's time to leave for the airport, i thought it'd be no problem staying up til 2:30am before my 6am flight on friday. HOWEVER, when i woke up friday morning wondering why i was soooo rested, i realized that while it was 9:15am i was more than an embarrassing THREE HOURS late for my flight. here i am copping zzz's and US Airways #3 was halfway to cali. think back to the infamous macaulay culkin "home alone" scream and you'll know how i was feeling. now grant it, though i knew it was solely and completely my own fault, i immediately called us air to ask "what my options are after having missed my flight???" you see, this weekend my family celebrated my grandmother, Mommae's 85th birthday! the same grandmother who called me, balling in tears minutes before i was leaving my parents' home to move to New York City in 2004, because one of her favorites was moving so far away again. and this was the birthday celebration of the year. people coming from near (los angeles) and far (the bay area, arkansas, maryland, BROOKLYN). a nice banquet dinner by the water in Ports'o'Call San Pedro, with commemorative presentations. a talent show featuring family talents including poetry, song, comedy and dance (of which my dad and i was a part!) i mean soooo much and much, much more was going on this weekend, and here i was still in brooklyn wondering how in the heck i was gonna reach cali in time to be where i was supposed to be. to miss the plane was one thing, to have missed the weekend would've been unacceptable.

so while i had us airways on the case, of course i had about six firefox windows opened on my laptop screen looking for the best (read: cheapest) one way fare out of the greater new york metropolitan area that would be reaching cali before saturday august 23rd! us airways is like "well, i can get you on a flight out of laguardia but you'll stop in columbus, oh and..." he lost me as soon as he said "and"! AND... columbus AND SOMEWHERE, are you serious? and to go even further, the two-layover flight was priced somewhere above $600. i said, "i've heard enough, thank you, but NO." so he said he' credit my account for $170 to be used within 1 year and i told him i'd find a ticket online, thank you very little. And i did. thanx to Airtran, one of my favorite, dependable low cost carriers, i found an affordable ticket for less than half of what mr. us airways was tryin to sell me, with one lil 45min stop in the A! i probably wouldn't have minded if it were longer than an hour because my girl Aisha was actually in atlanta visiting another girlfriend kacee and her fambam, and i would've called them to come scoop me for a cocktail or sumn if i was staying longer than two hours. but i digress... not only was there a short 45min layover, but we landed in los angeles about 20mins ahead of schedule, and it was all to the good when my folx scooped me up. we went straight to my granny's for a late dinner with family that had arrived in town a little before me, and had a barrel of laughs. the good times were rolling!

MEANWHILE, i knew i was NOT going to be missing my flight back to new york. not if bobbajean had anything to do with it (although she and the rest of the erby girls-including Mommae- got a good ole laugh at my expense over my missed flight yet being "well rested"!!!) so after a good ole Looooosiana shrimp'n'grits champagne brunch at my aunt's house this afternoon (courtesy of my favorite uncle from Naw'lins, Uncle Milton), we stopped at one more aunt's house before it was time for me to get to long beach airport and get ready for take off. matterfact, i had checked in online and printed my boarding passes and er'thang, chilling ret'ta'GO.... when my phone rang.... (actually i was leaning on my daddy's shoulder taking a quick lil cat nap when the phone rang) and i saw this 562 area code not knowing who in the heck was calling.. and wouldn't you know it, Delta airlines was calling me asking if i'd like to change my 6pm long beach-salt lake cit-jfk flight to a 9pm direct flight out of los angeles international arriving at jfk at 6am. i woke right up, "hunh? you say what now???" i needed to get this straight! whereas i was already checked in to my 6pm flight, a flight i'd been dreading since purchasing the ticket months ago because of the three hour layover time in salt lake city, already checked in with boarding passes in hand, NOW Delta decided to call me, lil ole ME to offer a direct flight that would leave later and get me into new york city earlier. HEECCCKKKK YEAH I'll make that change, Donna! (or whatever her name was.) I was soooooooooo happy and thanking God all the same. blessings, yo! blessings in disguise. apparently they overbooked the flight, which is not something new for Delta. i've been privy to the madness of realizing, while AT THE GATE, that the flight is overbooked and now they're trying to bribe people with travel vouchers to get on a later flight. and i am always the one to volunteer to take said voucher, please and thank you! i'll fly later if later on i can fly for FREE! anway, i suppose someone down in compliance, or whatever dept that determines how to run the company more cost effectively, came up with the brilliant idea to call travelers before they leave or are en route to the airport to see if they'll accept an itinerary change on an overbooked flight. especially if it's a better travel arrangement all together for the travelor, as was the case with me. so i was so happy to accept the joint, i didn't even enquire if there was any other perks involved with switching (ie a voucher as well! hey, if you don't ask you don't get....) but i didn't care, i'm not always trying to be greedy (mostly only when there's good food or sweet kisses involved). anwya, i'm tired and i want to get home as soon and quickly as i possible. and for me, that means NO LAYOVERS.

so i'm actually typing this post from my parents' crib in los angeles where it's 6:36pm pacific standard, thankful that i am not on my way to salt lake city.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the goofy english professor!

i totally look 14 in this picture :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And so, it's REALLY OFFICIAL now...

So, in a strange and exciting turn of events, it appears that I will be entering the classroom this semester, not as a high school English teacher with the NYC Teaching Fellowship, but as a COLLEGE ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR with two schools here in NY!!! CUNY College of Staten Island and Berkeley College at White Plains!! Now for the geographically challenged, Staten Island and White Plains could not be further away from one another on the map, especially considering that White Plains is not even IN New York City but close to the last stop of the Harlem Line Metro North commuter train in Westchester. But that's aiight!! I'm bout to be a PROFESSOR!! Well... somewhat of a professor, a quasi-professor, if you will (cause you have to have a Ph.D in order to have official Professor status.) But I'M SAYIN, YO! I'm going to college! As a TEACHER!! DAG!

When I tell you that this is soooooooo unexpected, Buh'leeeev'dat! Man, I mean even as recently as a month ago I wasn't sure if I'd even be doing the Teaching Fellowship, though I had a feeling I'd be accepted. But everyone knows that I was not really feeling the idea of becoming a high school teacher. I don't have time to explain what all the anxiety is coming from, but you know, it just wasn't sitting right with me. Well, as it turns out, whereas I was only entertaining conversations from a couple of close friends and associates about why I SHOULD take the gig, I recently had a conversation with a loved one where I was not able to filter and justify doing the fellowship primarily for security reasons when I'm obviously psychologically opposed to the idea (for the record, I had long come to the same conclusions he had, I just wasn't entertaining that train of thought because I didn't think I had any immediate alternatives.) The next day, during a chat session or something, he was like, "So why don't you just got teach at a college?" I'm like "Yeah RIGHT, Like it's that easy! Like I haven't applied to teach at colleges in NYC for the past two years..." Meanwhile, by late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, I was like "Okay, so I didn't get an offer to teach in '06 or '07... Why not apply again this year??" And I stayed up alllllllllllll night applying to 33 schools in the greater NYC area.

Well... (i'm really tired now, so I'm gonna cut this story short) basically by Monday morning Berkeley had expressed interest, followed by Staten Island on Tuesday, got an offer from both, and Wednesday morning I accepted both! So what would be great is if I heard back from one more school, preferably a CUNY, so that I can really be making a nice sum of money this semester and I'll be straight! But if not, I'll have a good portion of my weekdays left to make something happen.

So I just got in from the library picking up a couple of books to possibly use as textbooks for Berkeley, and I'm off to the College of Staten Island sometime tomorrow to fill out my HR forms.

I can hardly believe it's jumping off like this.... but, IT IS! my friends, it is!

Oh yeah, in terms of the teaching fellowship, it seems that they're going to allow me to defer my enrollment into the program until June 2009. By then I should be able to know determine if I REEEAAAALLLLYYYY want to do it or REEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLYYYY want to walk away!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chicken thoughts

So It just dawned on me, but could, perhaps,

the Funky Chicken

be the answer to the more square Chicken Dance

that is usually done, or at least used to be done at white people's wedding receptions?

i'm just sayin..... The Wiz/The Wizard of Oz! We always putting some FUNK on it!!!!! As the godfather would say, MAKE IT FUNKY!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life is a parade! If you let it...

So I decided to go down to SuperFoodTown and redeem some of the 7000+ "points" I've accumulated for groceries and such, and figured I'd walk home instead of waiting for the bus. On the walk home, I noticed two bald headed brothas standing on the street and thought "Dag, that looks like Hope.. but Hope lives in the Atl...." Just as the thought crossed my mind I realized that it was in fact Hope and my other boy Fuse. Both are prolific t-shirt designers and artists, and it was real random that they were standing out on Fulton Ave in front of the pizza joint. So we greet one another and get all the Whata'gwan's out of the way, and I'm like "So, why y'all hangin on Fulton Avenue on a saturday afternoon???" Turns out they were waiting for the Universal Hip Hop Parade because more of our friends were going be coming down the parade route in a tricked out RV marketing some new product. They were like, "You ain't doing nothing, stick around for the parade!" So of course I said, What they hey, afterall none of the stuff I'd gotten at the store was gonna melt if I stayed out for a few more hours. So we walked up about a block or two to meet the RV and Tamir was like "HOP IN!!!!" So the boys and I hopped in (granny cart in tow) and I grabbed the RBG flag and was ready to get my PARADE on!!!!

I mean I LOOOOVVEEE hanging out of windows greeting people and waving flags! Makes me feel good, especially when someone is looking all hard and uninviting, then they see me waving at them and they totally melt into a smile and wave back. It's that mutual acknowledgment, consideration and respect that I love to get out of people. It's the way it aught to be. So yeah.. I guess I was at the right place at the right time... but if nothing else this totally counts as my new thing for the month of August.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

And... so..... it's..... OFFICIAL.

Congratulations! On behalf of the New York City Department of Education, I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the NYC Teaching Fellows Midyear 2008-2009 program to teach English.


i'll tell you how i feel about it once i decide.

say wha??? (ignorant statement of the day)

So, I'm on the C train riding back to BK after an afternoon meeting, and I pull out the latest issue of Essence that I received in the mail a few days ago. Flipping through the pages I eventually end up on the article featuring the Obama family at home. Since I was skimming the mag, I didn't intend to stop and read that article just yet, but as I'm flipping through the pages, the 40-something-aged black woman sitting next to me leans over and says:

"They sho' look light..."

Not understanding (or caring) what she was referring to, I said "Hunh..." as I kept turning the pages.

"Those girls sho' look like they getting lighter and lighter... they used to be dark."

By this time I couldn't believe she was trying to have this conversation with me on the train, and though I probably should've responded to enLIGHTen her of the ignorance, I didn't feel like talking to her. SO I kept flipping the pages. Yet she continued:

"Seem like folk always start getting lighter when they get some money..."

By the time she said this, I had flipped completely through the article and was into the next one, wishing she'd stop talking to me. I mean are you serious? Since when do Sasha and Malia look LIGHTER than they've always looked? (Not to mention, though I ain't never seen them up close, i've never even THOUGHT ABOUT them having a light or dark complexion.) And just because Obama's campaign is reaching unparalleled heights in fundraising, does that put his daughters (more?) at risk for being susceptible to either becoming lighter in complexion or appearing lighter in print media? I'm fully aware of certain ads or fashion spreads where the subject tends to look noticeably lighter than they may or may not be. Usually those [grown women] have some kind of sex kitten persona and blond, straightened hair [read: Beyonce, Lil' Kim]. And I've heard of skin lightening cream and suppose, since it exists, someone must have been or is using it somewhere [read: Michael Jackson]. However, I'd wager money that Sasha and Malia Obama are not being subject to skin lightening, physical, digital, or otherwise.

in other news, i was happy to hear an old man playing Isaac Hayes "Black Moses" on his boom box in the park when I came out of the train.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On a shore in Montauk

i recently told a friend, who's always been more than a friend, but never allowed me to label him as more than a friend, whose never enabled me to allow for our friendship to end, that i do/still/and will always love him, that for the rest of my life this will basically be the case, and that i was okay with that.

don't trip. i'm not on some depressing, melodramatic "i love you and i only want to be with you..." type of vibe. that ship sailed last year. i kinda think it's cool that we are still in one another's lives in the capacity that we are. it is my belief that neither one of us is interested in severing the relationship. we're easy. the friendship is easy like sunday morning, as lionel richie would say. and thats why i love him. just as he is. i think accepting people as they are and being able to truly appreciate and find joy in that is one the greatest measures of loving someone. i freakin love this one! :) thoughts of him have always made me smile. his mere presence feels right, correct, without err. he cares about me. offers tangible solutions to my problems, problems that have nothing to do with him. he brings me cake. if i could get inside his brain and walk around, there's no telling what expanse of knowledge i'd come across. i believe he knows everything, though he'll adamantly deny it (more accurately, he knows a little bit about most things.) his consciousness and moral compass continue to guide. his integrity abounds. he is inherently the type of individual i would love. in all of that, we have a number of differences, something he likes to point out. yet our differences only further justify why i love him. and i don't think we are that different.

having said all of that. i know that he's not my man. it's not been that long i've accepted it, but i have. i'm starting to understand how this love'n'relationships thing works, either that or i'm starting not to really care how it works. in lieu of worrying about whats going on and where it's going, i'm more taken with enjoying the moments we share, cause they are REAL, and appreciating when they manifest... however often or far between our meetings occur.

i've had the pleasure of seeing him more often in the past few weeks. it's been welcomed in the wake of wondering what is going on with other people i call myself liking and hoping that it would grow into something more significant. (i may have been trying to rush something with someone that couldn't or shouldn't be rushed. and though we have a good time together, it's turned out not to be easy. at all. at times it doesn't feel right. at the worst point, he didn't seem trustworthy. and though i have no idea, nor do i want to know, if it's completely over --because i do like HIM-- i haven't seen him in three weeks. and as things stand, i would not be able to accept him as he is today.) anyway, back to this friend, this man i love, we seem to be on this very Joel&Clementine order of existing, inexplicably drawn to one another. I know that's a movie. but it's a movie where the two main characters find their way back to one another even after ending the relationship and erasing one another from their psyches. when i was getting over the heartbreak of "ending" the relationship i had with this friend last year (as it was) i would often lament how much easier it would be if i could just forget him, and all the precious memories. but even if that could occur, based on the film, we'd still end up back in one another's lives. On a shore in Montauk.

i am convinced i will always love him.

that's not to say that i will not eventually fall in love and spend a life with someone else. a part of me welcomes the idea; the logical part of me. it's that part of me steeped in the truth of nostalgia that refuses to let go of the love i so value. and why should i? i feel like to just let go of such an authentic loving experience would be to violently attack my ideals on LOVE. so we don't end up together in a committed relationship, i can accept that. i can't accept that something so pure would need to cease existing. I can think of a couple of relationships, though completely platonic, that have ended over the past ten years. One in particular I can understand why it ended, another I have no idea why. Regardless, I am still a bit hurt that either had to end. Yeah, I understand about seasons and such, but if I think about them long enough it still hurts, there's still a void. So I don't. I hope to never have to block this particular friendship. I understand that it will continue to evolve and even change should either one of us develop significant relationships with other people. or some other life circumstances take us away from one another. That's a reality I know is coming. so again, i don't think about it. perhaps we'll simultaneously lose interest in one another for good, that way the final ending of our relationship as we know it will not cause a void in either of our lives. Life.

the good thing is that i know how to hang on to good people if i have anything to do with it. he's good to me and for me. always has been, and i'd like to believe always will be. i should be lucky to find someone like him, only better! (shoot if i still have a chance to meet someone even better.... ) i can't even think about something longterm with anyone right now, or better yet, all i can do is THINK about it, because i can't force it to happen with anyone. i have faith that it will happen when it's supposed to happen. but when there are days i'm home wishing i was spending time with a significant other (as opposed to having to get to know someone else or just wish someone was around period) it kinda underscores one quasi-fear that things will take off professionally and i will be 39 and still desiring a long lasting love affair with one man. anyway, this revelry is not about the BlackWomanisms that often occur. it's about consistently being over the moon for one man; and while understanding that it is what it is, i am free to love who i will, and i won't be choosing to give this one up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a bit of a Fly update

In regards to yesterday's irregularity of vermin and foul odors (this is the last time i'm writing about flies):

To God be the glory, the smell left my apartment before yesterday even ended. When I said it started to lessen before I mopped, as time wore on it completely dissipated. Weird, man, just weird. When I told my mom about it today, she asked me if there is anything foul going on in my own life, which may indicate why I would have encountered this whole situation.... I said no. And I'm gonna stick with "no." (What else are you sposed to say to your mother??) Though I acknowledge that I'm not perfect nor do I pretend to be. There's a lot I could change, and even more I'd hope to make better decisions about. Yet I am cognizant of every choice I make and aim to make the right ones in particular circumstances. I fall short though, like er'yone else, sometimes making the easy choice instead of the right one. But a "spiritual manifestation" of foul circumstances in my life is more than I want to think about right now. I can think of something that perhaps has been uncharacteristic of my values and convictions in recent weeks, but I know that I love God more than anyone and that I am thankful for new mercies every morning, as scripture clearly indicates. And I firmly believe in the forgiveness and faithfulness of God. Period. The key in that forgiveness, based on what we believe, is repentance. Repentance means to turn away from. I know that. So if I still make the same mistakes that I've already asked forgiveness for from time to time, am I truly repentant? That will be a rhetorical question; my answer lies in the truth, understanding and faith of my personal relationship with God.

Anyway, I don't want to make this particular episode about spiritual manifestations for personal sins. On a very basic level I am thankful to God that the smell has gone. Because I would not be able to find the cause of it, primarily because I wasn't going to go looking for it. As for the flies.... a few have still lingered. I've shot down at least four over the course of the day, which is significantly less than the militia that invaded my apartment yesterday. My kitchen window is closed now, leaving only the two windows in my living room open. I can't close them because there's no central air or AC in my place. I gotta have fresh air. You know what I mean. But I can't determine if the final few got in from spaces in the screens or if they were just left over from the other day? I hate this.... It's just freakin creepy. Insects [et al] creep me OUT. It's the way it's always been. Unless I undergo electro-shock therapy, that's probably how it will always be. I'll be thirty soon, I can't imagine that I'll all of a sudden be comfortable with the idea of existing with and knowing how and when to kill vermin. No sir.

It's times like these that I hate living by myself.
Where's my husband?
(I firmly believe that it is a part of husbands'/fathers' role to make sure the matters of creepycrawlyflyingsmelly things are taken care of on behalf of the wife/daughter.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

this is not FLY! part deux.

So my flat mates downstairs, a brother and sister, were nice enough to come up and help me source some of the problem of THE SMELL and offered any other help if they could be of service. They also suggested something that I've been trying to avoid for the past four years: getting A CAT. They said having a cat around would unequivocally cut down on rodent problems, as few as mine are. Apparently the mere presence of Tom prevents Jerry from even coming on the scene...

I call myself not liking kitties that well. I can dig the baby ones, who doesn't like a cute kitten. But I'm often allergic to the ones with lots of dander from the hair, and I've often heard stories that they sometimes regurgitate stuff, and stuff. ICK! Plus food and kitty liter and whatever else comes with having a cat, NOT TO MENTION the whole getting used to one another process.. With a baby kitten you have train them not to pee on your stuff or whatever.... I like the theory of having a cat, but dag, i don't know if i'm ready for that kind of commitment! (Kinda like me and guys, they like having me around but apparently the commitment is too much to seriously consider!)

Anyway.... stay tuned. maybe there's a reasonable to happy ending with this. The good news is that the smell seems to be lessening... either that, or I'm GETTING USED TO IT. YUCK! Nevertheless, I'm bout to mop. I'd rather smell bleach and/or 409 than febreeze and stench!

this is not FLY!

I woke up to a nightmare this AM. Attack of the brooklyn flies! and a HORRIBLE smell! I thought sure it must be a dead animal in the backyard, why else would there all of a sudden be cause for fifteen flies large and small circumventing the kitchen and apartment like they own the place! Are you SERIOUS!?! Just RUDE! Rude awakening. So I tried to figure out the cause of the smell and the infestation but it didn't make sense other than something was dead. I thought maybe it could be a dead mouse and I called my dad as I was leaving, but as we talked we concluded that dead mice don't necessarily cause flies to come around, like if a dog dies or something! Like, seriously. So we ruled that out. He mentioned that I could use a vacuum cleaner to just pull them out of the air, but I don't have the need or luxury of a vacuum cleaner, so that clever idea was out. Next he mentioned that I could spray them with either raid or hair spray, the first of which would poison them, the latter of which would weigh their wings down so they couldn't fly. He said he's used hair spray in the past when he didn't feel like smelling the raid. As I was out I figured that I have both and either would do to kill those nasty, intruding muthasuckas. So when I returned it was all I could do to keep my crazy from getting the best of me (insect buzzing in close quarters puts me over the edge) and going after those filthy buzzers in full force. And wouldn't you know one after one started dropping out of the air and buzzing all over the floor fighting for whatever last bit of life they had in 'em. I mean it wasn't as easy as point, shoot and they drop dead. Nope, it was pure looney on my part and audaciousness to allude the raid on theirs. SHEESH. The mere buzzing has gotten to me so much that I've taken my phone OFF of the default vibrate mode that I keep it on ever since I've gotten the phone.

Now, hours later, there are fly carcases around my apartment that I have to get up. YUCK. And.. AND there's still at least one or two stupid flies still buzzing around my apartment. Like, dude, are you serious.... GET OUT! This is the worst.

Meanwhile, I went next door in my neighbor's backyard to see what I could figure out about this dead animal causing this fly debacle. It smelled nice and clear in his own backyard, so he jumped over into mine to continue scoping the area. Once in my backyard, he still didn't smell anything, and after surveying the area, found no evidence of a dead animal. WHAT! NO DEAD ANIMAL??? Then what the hell is that smell???? And WHY are all those flies in my apartment??? They certainly weren't there buzzing around 2:30 this morning when I went to sleep. Just all of a sudden when I woke up. What????? And now my neighbor was telling me that there was, in fact, no animal carcass lying around. This was too much. So apparently there is a dead mouse or something... somewhere in my kitchen :( IN MY KITCHEN! And I don't know where. It's enough I gotta find and clean up like 15 dead flies, but where ever the source of that rancid small is.. finding it is just too much to deal with right now.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

more BillWitherisms I can get down with

"Probably my favorite state of mind is a profound silliness. People always accept things better if there's some humor involved."--Bill Withers

i've waited a long time to hear Bill Withers in person

and i finally witnessed a sliver of his soulful perfection last night at the prospect park Celebrate Brooklyn tribute. although i had no idea when i'd ever see him sing live, i KNEW i would. (and though it wasn't confirmed that he'd actually sing at the tribute, as soon as I heard "Grandma's Hands" I knew he'd be coming out from the audience to sing it. and he DID!)


speaking of seeing legend's in person, it is not a coincidence that i got to see isaac hayes perform on the same prospect park bandshell stage, about a month and a half before his passing this morning. my first thought was that this has indeed been a sad weekend for black entertainment with isaac hayes and bernie mac's unexpected transitions. but a friend reminded me that there's no need to be sad, "Sad!? Celebrate that them those brothas were here!" and though i feel especially for Bernie's family who fully expected his complete recovery, i do find inspiration in how his career really took off in the past 8 years in light of his humble beginnings (which lasted well into his 30s.... speaking of humble beginnings lasting into one's 30's, this interesting telegraph interview from 2006 also points out how Bill was 33 before his first record deal....) anyhoo, i've been blessed to see a # of the greats before their passings (Nina, Tito, Ray, James...) and now Isaac Hayes has been added to that list.


Friday, August 08, 2008

so life has been taking place

.....i just haven't felt like writing about it. so i'll give the truncated version:

yadda yadda blah blah was in line by 4p for the recent erykah badu concert at wingate field blah blah blah jill scott is coming up next monday, free show guess i'll go blah blah blah saw the Great Debators in the park across the street yadda yadda yadda ro-ro treated me to the Dark Knight and i never need to see it again (great film though, RIP HL) blah blah blah had a coupla interesting interviews blah blah still waiting to hear from a coupla places yadda yadda yadda been at a cool temp gig with an international PR firm in the meat packing district yada yadda blah my manager is a fellow John Pee Kee fan (and Hampton alum, but he's still cool!) yadda yadda yadda been realizing on this gig that i absorb a lot by typing in french and italian blah blah blah still can't get school off the brain blah blah blah blah been officially "initiated" into the lil clique that is "my block" blah blah blah been chillin on the stoop with the neighbors most evenings when i'm home having dinner and cool drinks yadda yadda had to water the plants on our block the other day and was given a key to lock the playground on mondays @ sundown yadda yadda blah blah blah the relationship with the guy i like is just a lil bit more than NON-existent BLAH BLAH somehow i feel it's not completely over but definitely think this space is warranted blah blah blah meanwhile i'm feeling the John Legend "Take It Slow" philosophy on relationships yadda yadda blah recently told a past involvement that i'll most likely love him for the rest of my natural life, and that i'm totally okay with it yadda yadda yadda got a phone call from another guy i thought i'd pissed off and totally would not be hearing from again yadda yadda yadda it was a pleasant surprise yadda yadda yadda met a few other guys over the weekend through another guy i know yadda yadda yadda ended up watching Shottas at a roof top dinner in brooklyn with the five of them, all real cool brothas, may try to see a couple of them again blah blah blah i certainly don't have a problem MEETING men, now having ONE stick is whole another story blah blah freakin BLAH alia's surprise 35th made me hope i'll have a surprise party one day blah blah blah speaking of parties, partied in morningside park last weekend but missed roy hargrove at summerstage yadda yadda yadda can't wait for the prospect park bill withers tribute this weekend (heard he may be there!) yadda yadda yadda found out DJ Uncle Mike's beach party is coming up next weekend yadda yadda yadda parents finally made it in from their alaskan cruise and my moms will be here at the end of the month with my niece in tow yada yada radda blah bing bang boom...

and i'm just walking in from hangin with the talented meatball natejonesonbass who played the Eclectic Ride/City Parks Stevie Wonder/Prince tribute uptown @ marcus garvey park... and boy am i tired.

so that, ladies'n'gents, was the past couple of weeks of my life in the jumbled nutshell of "yadda...yadda...blah.."

PS can't wait for the Olympics Opening ceremony to come on... yadda yadda yadda...